【 Optimize Title and Description on YouTube 】 Detailed Guide ▷ 2022

it is an independent platform which is part of the complex world of the Internet, consequently, you must participate and follow certain guidelines to attract followers and be considered by the YouTube algorithms.

In this point, The becomes an essential technique to increase the chances of more visits and being recommended by YouTube. For this to be possible, emphasis must be placed on titles and descriptions.

Next, we are going to talk a little about the importance and influence of these characteristics. Also We will give you some advice so that they meet the requirements and in this way you can see potential growth in your channel.

How do titles and descriptions influence YouTube?

The titles and descriptions of the videos on YouTube are necessary for their publication and, in addition, they are strategic. They represent an important factor in identifying your video and content, providing a kind of preview that attracts viewers to your channel.. A creative title and an accurate description are essential for your video to be classified in the suggested search function.

Also, helps boost subscriptions, view counts and watch time. Notably There are two types of descriptions on YouTube, one is to place text below the page, giving details of your channel. And the other is the one that is placed under each video to explain what each one is about.

Based on the descriptions, users decide whether or not to watch the video. Definitely, YouTube marketing starts with creating catchy titles and awesome descriptions.. The video you post on Youtube It might be great, but if your title and description aren’t appealing, you might not get the hits you expect.

YouTube thumbnails Are they the real title of a video?

Yes, because the first thing a person sees is the thumbnail and then they look at the title, so it’s important to optimize both. Hence the importance of thumbnails for the creation of content for YouTube. The vast majority of users of this platform are attracted to thumbnails, so you must give them the importance they deserve..

Thumbnails allow viewers to see a snapshot of each of your videos, while browsing YouTube. After uploading a video, you need to choose one of the three thumbnail options offered by YouTube, which are generated automatically. Though users too .

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There is no doubt that titles and thumbnails are an extraordinary way to attract the attention of the audience. Well, they give you the opportunity to briefly convey the reasons for choosing your video. For this reason, you must dedicate yourself to create an excellent thumbnail, with an attractive title, to attract the attention of the viewers.

Tips for writing good titles and descriptions for your content on YouTube

For achieve the desired success generating content on YouTube, you must write titles and descriptions that are attractive enough to captivate the audience. It depends on whether your content has the desired visits.

To do this, you can follow some useful tips:

  • Use keywordsthat engage the audience with your content.
  • Write at least some 200 words in the descriptionabout the theme of the video.
  • don’t add links to other content at the beginning of the text.
  • Pay a lot of attention to the first three sentences of the description of your video, it depends on whether the audience wants to continue reading and seeing the content.
  • Includes a Call To Action in your description and in the video.
  • Add hashtags that help classify your contentmust be simple or compound words that are relevant and linked to the content of the video.
  • place a index.
  • Your content should complement your video thumbnail.
  • Try to generate intrigue with your content.

It becomes clear that creativity is not the only thing required to create a title and descriptions for your content Youtube. A fundamental aspect is knowing what you are saying, presenting and writing, and for this research is essential.

Look for relevant information about the content you have chosen, from there you can select a title that attracts attention. For this, you can support on different platforms such as Google Trends or Answer the Public. They will help you find what your audience is frequently looking for online. All this is related to some keywords.

Other ways to grow your YouTube channel

exist other ways to grow your youtube channel. these are rather tools and strategies that you can implement from the content created to reach the goal and watch your channel grow.

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Among them are:

Play Chains

Playback chains are really cool, because They allow you to multiply everything you have achieved with your videos. One aspect that you should keep in mind is that playback time is very important for YouTube.

If you get people to watch your videos and get hooked on seeing more content on your channel, you will significantly increase watch time. This makes YouTube rank your videos and recommend them to more people. Due to the above, It is relevant that you make series through playlists or the well-known SEO Lists.

make evergreen videos

To create exclusively trending content It is a good strategy, because this way you will have a greater chance of going viral, and many more people will be able to see it. Nevertheless, when the trend ends, your videos stop being viewed and are lost on YouTube. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly produce videos of new trends.

If you start generating evergreen content as a strategy, your videos will always be seendespite the passage of time. Remember that this content always has visits and if they are of quality there will be comments with some frequency. You must get keywords that generate traffic on Google, to produce evergreen content this is essential, so you will be able to position it. And even if you go some time without uploading new content, there’s nothing to worry about, as you’ll have temporary content that people will continue to see.

On the other hand, do not forget to consider that at the beginning, evergreen videos will not have the viralization that trending videos may have. But, the important thing is to add visits over time, that is, you will have a secure base of views.

Make Call To Action

YouTube offers you a fabulous option that is cards, allowing you to include up to five cards in each of your videos.. These appear dynamically with the text that you choose, you can even use emojis. In this way, you can refer viewers from one evergreen series to another. This strategy helps you noticeably boost the playback time on your channel. Nevertheless, You must plan the Call To Action that you are going to include in the cardspreferably before you start recording your videos.

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the slipstream

It is relevant to emphasize that what YouTube is most interested in is the playback time of each of your videos. Well, the more time people spend watching your videos, the more ads are shown, which allows you to earn more money. For YouTube it is important that each video generates playback time in the same, even drifting towards others that have enough reproduction time. This means that you are interested in linking videos of other youtubers from yours, which is quite beneficial.

Link videos from yours, using the SEO Tube and Call To Action strategy. Thus, YouTube will detect that whoever enters your videos generates more playback time, even if it is not on your channel. In conclusion, What is YouTube interested in? That people generate many hours of reproduction. Thus, YouTube is responsible for exposing and promoting your videos. This undoubtedly has to be seen as an area of ​​opportunity for the well-being of the channel itself.

complain less and do more

There is a big difference between successful youtubers and those who fall by the wayside. Unquestionably, they differ in that those who achieve success work tirelessly until they reach their goals, while others are left halfway. This job requires a lot of perseverance, perseverance and patience, do not forget that the competition is tough and only the best enter, or at least those who are willing to meet the objectives set.

To be part of the group of successful youtubers, you must adapt to the YouTube platformbut above all to the audience that expects much more from the channel. Consequently, learning to complain less and do more is the best alternative. This is the best way to cope with the burden and that you have more awareness about the work that is required.

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