【Internet Protocol Telephony】What is it? + Utility ▷ 2022

IP telephony came to revolutionize the world of communications. More and more people use this novel system to communicate with each other at truly low costs without changing their traditional telephones many times. Companies are one of the main beneficiaries of this system.

Voice over Internet Protocol or “VoIP” (from its acronym in English “Voice over IP“) offers unique benefits when compared to traditional telephony. In the era of teleworking, having one of these communication systems is a guaranteed factor for success.. The best known is Skype, but it does not imply that it is the only one or the one that offers the best service.

Today we want to show you the benefits of using IP telephony and we will analyze all the aspects that you should take into account when choosing VoIP.

What is Internet Protocol Telephony and what is it used for?

Internet protocol technology is the process in which a voice signal is sent digitally in the form of data packets, it differs from traditional communication because does not send analog data through circuits used only for this kind of telephony, that is, PSTN networks (of “Public Switched Telephone Network“)

These Internet protocols that are used to digitally send voice over IP, They are known as voice over IP protocol.. Which are sent by any IP network including those that are connected to the Internet, for example, a LAN network.

This computer communication system is used to establish both national and international calls over the Internet, either to mobile phones, landlines or to phones that have the same IP system with which we are calling.

The communications that are carried out instantly use an IP exchange and a Gateway. Allowing through the Internet provider to communicate to anywhere in the world.

IP Telephony vs Classic Telephony. Which is better and how are they different?

There are marked differences between conventional or classical telephony and IP telephony. Some differences that we can name are:

  • In conventional technology the two interlocutors are connected to each other via a telephone exchange which is the one that establishes the connection. For an IP call, the data packets of the digitized voice travel through the Internet to the recipient, packets can use a different path to reach the interlocutor or destination.
  • With VoIP telephony we don’t need to have physical lines to be able to establish calls if we do not need to have a network structure, having this as a great advantage that the number of conversations that can be held can be established without limits, that is, a multiconference can be carried out without any problem. In traditional telephony this is not possible.
  • Another advantage they have is that the telephone numbers are hosted directly in the cloud of the provider a communications service operator. As a benefit we can use an IP with a smartphone and multiple contact numbers at the same time. If we were to talk about traditional communications this could not happen.
  • An important advantage for companies is that interconnections can be created between the different premises or business units under the same header number.
  • IP telephony providers provide free services in which traditional communications companies cannot do it or if they do, they have additional costs.

With this small analysis, we can say without a doubt that VoIP telecommunications are currently one step ahead of traditional communications, thus making them more important.

How does internet protocol telephony work? Main components

The transport of digitized voice data packets that is carried out through the Internet, has different components that without them the telecommunication circuit could not be carried out.

For this we are going to show you each of the components that act in this computer process in order to obtain IP telephony. They are:

  • terminalswe call the end points that have the communication terminals and they are the ones that provide the data bidirectionally. They are composed of:

The part that supports the voice or provides the support for the video of an image and also for the transmitted data, which we will call “323” Y “245” Cell used to carry out videoconferences. The part that is used for signaling and configuring the call that we need to make is called “931“.

Keep this pair of terms in mind:

  • Gatewaywe call the gateway, which is a node in the computer network and serves as an access point for another network.
  • GK or Gatekeeper, its function is to control the processing of the call with the H.323 protocol. It acts as a virtual counter that is located in the central control and serves as a service provider to the terminals that have been registered.

List of the best platforms to hire an IP telephony rate

There are different platforms to contract an IP telephony ratemany are oriented to companies which are the most active users of this type of telecommunications.

Next, we show you the best platforms that exist in our country for contracting VoIP:


Company has different calling plans for IP telephony, provides among its services calling plans and support plans offering free 2 Fox Mall and SIP line.

And it is oriented for those companies that want to have their physical switchboard, but need to obtain the benefit of IP technology. It has a capacity of 30+30 simultaneous voice channels.


They offer to cancel the services without expensesIts configuration is fast and the virtual switchboard is one of the most sought after for the excellence it provides.

The switchboard includes telephone numbers, simultaneous calls, reports with high detail where they show each of the communications that will be made. A highly sought after service that this company does not provide is call recording.

Instant Byte

This company specialized in Dell Networking solutions and voice over IP technology offers exclusive offers, high yields, design, very good price. The switchboard in PBX mode is one of the best on the market.


Leading company in IP telephony, dedicated exclusively to companies. Its objective is to reduce up to 90% the communication costs that exist within a company. They are characterized by providing excellent services and the virtual switchboard is a powerful tool that improves and increases the control of existing telecommunications within an organization.


Company with years of experience in the field of telecommunications by IP, offers one of the most reliable and sought after services by companies who seek to lower communication expenses.

There are other companies dedicated to the field of IP telecommunications, but we wanted to introduce you to the most important and reliable ones in the market.

List of the best applications to make free VoIP calls over the Internet

Among the advantages that VoIP telephony provides is the low cost of making a national or international call. We want to show you the study that we carried out on this site so that you can compare the best mobile rate providers that contain digital calls.

They are:


Provides unlimited calling service

  • 3 GB of data and online registration is free. Its price is €11.95
  • Spend a little more you can opt for 5GB at €14.95.
  • And if you are still short of the data company can offer you 11GB at €16.95.


This company is one of the market leaders, it offers different plans according to the data it provides.

  • If you want to hire a plan 5 GB you can do it for €6.95 where they offer you €0 per minute of calls.
  • If you need a plan with greater data capacity, the price for 28 GB will be €19.95 per month.
  • For those people who need to use 50 GB or less, the company offers a plan for €24.95 monthly.

It should be noted that all plans offer 60 minutes of free VoIP.


It offers its services not only for companies but also for all those people interested in VoIP telephony.

  • By €6.90 per month you can have a landline number, calls to mobile phones for 150 minutes and 150 minutes to landlines.

They offer 15-day trials, there are no cancellation fees and you can purchase different packs such as: call recording for very small costs that you can add to your plan.

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