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We all like to know about our friends’ lives and, of course, whoever has a friend has a treasure but… who hasn’t wanted to throw their cell phone out the window at some point after 170 messages in a group chat?

The WhatsApp chats are a double-edged sword and know how mute WhatsApp groups It can be, without a doubt, the best advice we can give you.

To silence a chat on WhatsApp you have several options, depending on whether you use Android or iPhone. We explain how to do it easily and step by step so that no WhatsApp group chat will interrupt you again in the middle of a nap, in the middle of a class or in a call of work.

If you are a WhatsApp addict, do you have the gigabytes you need on a mobile phone? Take advantage of them so you don’t get left hanging.

How to silence a WhatsApp chat or group on Android

The easiest and fastest way to silence a WhatsApp chat on Android is this: enter the application and you will see the list of chats you have. Now, long press on the chat you want to mute and you will see that some icons appear at the top.

The one you are looking for is the one with the speaker crossed out with a diagonal line.

If you press it, the menu will appear with the options to silence notifications from that person or WhatsApp group.

When muting, a checkbox called “Show notifications” also appears. If you mark it, although It will not notify you with sound of the conversationyou will be able to see what they have written to you when you display the notification bar.

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There is another way to mute a WhatsApp chat on Android. It’s not as fast, but it’s just as simple.

First, enter the chat you want to silence and click on the three dots in the upper right. That will display the options menu for that chat.

Among those options, you will see the “Mute notifications”. Once again you will be given the option to silence that WhatsApp group or a specific chat for a period of time that you choose.

If you want to silence a WhatsApp chat or group on iPhone

If you have iOs operating system, you will have to enter the conversation of the person or group you want to silence and do your black magic.

Click the group icon or contact avatar to silence and, from the options that appear, enter “Info”. There you will see the option to mute and you can also choose how long to do it.

On both Android and iOS, group chats, and those of a single person, can be silenced for temporary periods. That is to say, You can silence the chat for 8 hours, for a week, a year or a… forever! Come on, live in absolute peace.

AND, What if we regret silencing them? Don’t worry, you can always turn back. The process is just as simple, you will only have to go to the conversation that you have muted (regardless of your operating system) and click on the option to “unmute notifications” or “unmute”.

How to silence WhatsApp completely

If you are looking for a more drastic solution and you do not want to silence a WhatsApp group or a single chat but rather knock out any notification from this application, then open your eyes wide.

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When it comes to silence WhatsApp completely The solution is not within a chat but at the application level. In this case, enter the WhatsApp settings (from the upper points of the screen) and in the “notifications” section Uncheck the option to receive conversation tones.

And, if you already want to opt for the most drastic path of all, you can silence WhatsApp by removing even notifications of the application. For that you will have to go to the settings not from WhatsApp but from your mobile phone and in the “notifications” section uncheck the option to allow notifications. Be careful because in this case we are not silencing WhatsApp but removing all notifications. That is, you won’t even be able to see on your screen if someone is talking to you, something that did allow you the option to silence a WhatsApp chat or group.

We know that WhatsApp groups can sometimes be a little…intense. That’s why we leave you all the options, from the most Light to the most hardcore so you can choose the one that best suits your degree of desperation. Remember that sometimes it’s good to take a breakeven if it is small.

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