11 free web tools for your ecommerce

We know that running an online store requires attacking several (and diverse) fronts. That is why in this post we share 11 web management tools that will facilitate the different tasks of your ecommerce. Let us begin!

This tool makes a general analysis of the performance of your store. With it, for example, you can get advice on how to improve the , the loading of banners and other issues related to the user experience on your page.

Does your store need some tweaking but you’re having some trouble getting it up and running? Perhaps this application can help you improve your productivity, because it will allow you temporarily block sites like Facebook and other similar ones that generate distraction.

This tool to organize tasks is one of Tiendanube’s favorites. It will allow you to create “cards” with each of the tasks you need to accomplish, configure automatic notices with deadlines and include more people in case you need to work as a team.

Do you want to create quality banners for your store but you have a hard time getting good quality images? This site offers a bank of free images in high quality. You just have to search by theme, choose the one you like the most and download it.

Now that you’ve got some great images, how about starting to use them? If you have never used this tool, we invite you to read our post about it.

If you have a page for your brand on Facebook and you need to monitor it all the time, you can use this mobile application (available both for and for ) to keep track of everything that is happening on it, be it campaigns, interactions, comments – all directly from your cellphone.

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Your customers deserve to know what’s new in your store! Never forget to post on Instagram again thanks to this tool that will allow you to schedule posts in advance.

Take free courses on business management or any other topic you want, from renowned universities around the world. You just have to search for the topic that interests you, sign up and start.

Do you know the free ecommerce courses prepared by the Tiendanube team at our university? You can access them from any device and thus start Learn about how to improve your store.

If you like programming but haven’t had the opportunity to learn it yet due to cost or time problems, Codecademy may be the solution. You will find various courses to learn more about programming and, who knows, maybe you will even be able to make your own design for your online store.

If what you need is to monitor more than one social network at the same time, schedule publications and also have access to the statistics of your social networks, try this application that does all this!

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