1959. Presto Player – .com

Today, accompanied by an autumn cold, we analyze Presto Player, a video player with several very interesting extras, which allows us to integrate with most platforms.

But first, let’s remember that we are already entering the final stretch of the , in which today we will see several tools to analyze the SEO and SEM actions of our competitors.

Also remember that next Thursday, November 25 at 11:11 AM we have a meeting to talk about challenges. How to organize one for our community, how to focus it, how to turn it into a paid service, how to capture attention, and much more.

And now yes, we are going to talk about the tool of the day, this time recommended by Biel. It is about , a video player in the form of a free WordPress plugin, with a premium version that adds quite interesting features.

Here is the rundown of the program, as a summary of the most important points:

I recommend you try the one in the repository, and if it convinces you, you can find the . And if you also need a platform to upload videos to, here is the link to , so you can calculate what it would cost you with its price calculator.

As always, thank you all so much for your five-star ratings on , on , and , subscribing to and for being there, on the other side. Without you this would not be what it is, without you this simply… It would not be!

We’ll hear each other tomorrow Friday with a monograph chosen by yourselves. As always, at 07:07. Until then… Very good morning!

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