4 new ways to monetize your YouTube channel

During 2017, YouTube went through a series of controversies that even led to big brands against the video giant when they saw their ads with violent or racist content. This led the video giant to already tighten the requirements for its companies to integrate advertising into their content, but many of them have not been satisfied at all. That’s why now so you can monetize your YouTube channel, in a complementary way to the use of advertising.

How to monetize your YouTube channel, beyond advertising

After having announced new rules for advertising on their platform, they have already pointed out that these measures affect your income. Google has searched for new solutions for this great problem. We detail 4 ways to monetize your channel on YouTube:

1. Channel members

With this option you can monetize your YouTube channel with the help of your viewers. In essence, the tool Channel Members is very similar to the affiliate program of , in which for a monthly fee, in the case of YouTube it will be $4.99, fans will be able to get badges, new emojis, and access members-only posts accessible in the “Community” tab as well as access to personalized benefits launched by creators: live broadcasts, exclusives and extra videos among them.

The Channel Members feature has already been in the testing phase for a selection of youtubers, including , and after its success, from now on it will be accessible to almost all creators, since those who want to access this new form of monetization They must exceed 100,000 subscribers on their channel.

2. Merchandise

now you can sell your own items directly on your YouTube channel in order to generate more income. To do this, Google helps you choose more than 20 merchandise products so that you can customize them and sell them on a shelf in your channelas you can see in the channel example:

For now, this function is available for US userswho must also have more than 10,000 subscribers and meet a series of requirements, although YouTube ensures that more channels and partners will soon be able to join merchandise.


Famebit is a platform that works as an agency marketing specialized in establishing alliances between youtubers with brands that are looking for content creators. This platform was acquired by YouTube in 2016 and helps to get sponsorships for the channels.

to join you, you need to have 5,000 subscribers, and you can find sponsors on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and others. Once you submit creative proposals you can be hired and receive your payment via PayPal or by check.

4. Superchat

Just over a year ago it came as a new way to monetize your YouTube channel. This tool allows give more visibility to fans who want to be noticedsince anyone who is watching a live broadcast will be able to buy a “SuperChat” with which their message will be highlighted in the video.

With this, fans will be able to get more attention from their favorite creator than other viewers, and their message will be highlighted at the top depending on the amount of money they want to contribute, while they help the content creator to earn more profit.

Superchat continues to expand until it reaches every corner of the planet where there are youtubers, but for now we can use it in Spain, as well as in the United States and many other countries.


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