Add your cards to your mobile and pay with the power button

Once you have it installed and you have granted it the appropriate permissions, you must add the cards that you want to find when you press the power button on your smartphone.

The process is very simple, as you just have to click on add a card, and take a photo of it through the interface that appears on the screen. The application will be responsible for recognizing the card number and the only thing it will ask you is to confirm the security code found on the back. If your bank’s cards are compatible with the system, you will see it added to the application. You simply have to follow the instructions that appear on the screen so that everything is configured as God intended.

Once we have our credit, debit or loyalty cards added to our app, it is time to configure mobile to activate payment shortcuts and be able to pay our purchases with the card by enabling it from the block button.

Your cards from the lock button

If you have completed the previous step correctly, you will now be able to make mobile payments by pressing the lock button for a few seconds. Additionally, you can configure it as follows.

Set the power menu

The key to adding your cards to the power button is in the power button menu on your smartphone. Inside you will find an option called ‘Power Menu’ that allows you to activate the cards and passes option to ‘access your payment methods and boarding passes by holding the power button’.

The best thing to do is to use the settings app’s search engine to enter ‘power menu’ or ‘lock menu’, as each user can change the path to get to these options slightly.

Long press

Once you have activated the switch, you will see that when making a long press on the lock buttonalso known as the on/off key, in addition to the options to turn off or restart the mobile and emergency calls (depending on your operating system), your credit card associated with Google Pay.

This way, you will only have to press the button and activate the NFC (if you haven’t already) to pass your smartphone over the card machine and pay for your purchases. In the event that you do not know how to enable this technology, it is done like this:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Enter the Connected Devices or Connections menu
  3. Select Connection Preferences (although depending on the customization layer you could directly find the NFC function)
  4. Now enable NFC.

Even within this section, you will find the Contactless Payment option in which you can choose the Default payment app y Use default app (Always or Except if another paid app is open). If you click on the 3 dots icon that appears above the card, you could directly access the settings of the Google payments app to configure your payment methods, add cards, set one as default or delete the ones you want.

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Why doesn’t the function appear?

This feature was initially available for Google Pixel phones, but soon other models have been adding it. Of course, not all of them are going to offer them because, for example, OxygenOS allows it on their OnePlus, but OPPO, on ColorOS 11, does not. However, with the arrival of ColorOS 12, we have seen how it is also possible to add our payment methods when we press the lock button.

As you can see, it is a tool that may or may not be active, not only depending on the mobile model you have, but also on the version of the operating system you have installed on it. What is common in all devices where the function is active is that it is compatible in all countries that support contactless payments, Spain among them.

However, if you are going to travel to another country, you can always check whether contactless payment is compatible or not in that region through this app from the Mountain View company.

Why is my card not working?

When pressing the power button to pay, we may experience some type of problem related to the payment and this can put us in trouble; And far from it seems that this may be related to the fact that we do not have money on the bank card and therefore, we cannot proceed to complete the payment. This will be related to activating our card in Google Paywhich sometimes requires our bank’s approval in order to complete the configuration and be able to use this Google functionality to pay with our phone.

If we want to solve this problem we can do two ways; The first and most blunt of all those that are presented to us will be to eliminate all configuration and start from scratch with our setup so that when we reach the last point of the implementation of Google Pay, we can carry out the approval by our bank without problems. If we don’t want to get bogged down from the beginning and it hasn’t been long since we set it up, we can access our bank’s notifications to check if we have any pending operation.

The change with Android 12

Starting with Android 11, we were able to enjoy the so-called on or off menu. In it, we found a series of quick controls such as paying with the phone or the simple fact of having much more simplified control of home automation. However, with the arrival of Android 12, the simplification changed for the worse, at least that is the opinion of most of the users who have this version of Google’s operating system.

However, if you have a phone with this operating system and you don’t know where quick access to Google Pay is, don’t worry, because it hasn’t gone away, but rather its location has changed. Starting with that version, shortcuts to Google Pay and we will find the control of home automation in the smartphone’s own quick settings.

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And not only this, but we can also see in the lock screenSpecifically, in the lower right part of the panel, a shortcut that will take us to display the credit or debit cards that we have added to the payment application. In addition, we can customize it so that, on the left side at the bottom, the function to control the devices in our home also appears. If it does not appear by default, you should go to;

  1. Settings App
  2. Select Screen options
  3. Enter the Lock Screen menu
  4. Check the Show cards option.

Can you pay with the power button on iPhone?

Currently, It is not possible to pay directly with the power button on an iPhone. The lock button on Apple smartphones mainly has the function of turning the device on and off, lock and unlock the screenand access the shutdown and restart screen.

However, and although Cupertino smartphones can use Apple Pay to make payments through the device, to use it it is necessary to unlock the device and open the Wallet application. Then, you select the credit or debit card you want to use and bring the device closer to the payment terminal. The iPhone will beep and vibrate to confirm the transaction.

What you can do, as we indicated a few lines below, is use one of the brand’s wearables, the Apple Watch, to make your purchases without having to turn off the phone, but here it has no meaning to use the smartphone lock button.

Is it safe to use this method?

The security of this system is exactly the same as if we directly use the application. Google Pay. The tsCards will only appear when we press the power button if the mobile phone is unlocked, in the same way that only then could we access the payment app. If the smartphone is protected by fingerprint, PIN or password, the only thing we will achieve by holding down the power button is for the card to be shown, yes, but first requiring the unlock code before taking another step.

Furthermore, when we press the lock button, we will not pay for a purchase immediately, but rather we will be asked to activate the NFC (a connection that, by default, you should have turned off at all times, not only for security, but to save battery). Until we enable it, we will not be able to proceed with the purchase, just as if we did it with Google Wallet.

Beyond this, the system ensures that, when paying, your card information is not transferred for each sale, but rather an encrypted number unique to each merchant. Furthermore, from the cloud, You can cancel the cards stored in Google Pay.

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Accompany it with a wearable

When paying with our mobile phone, we can contribute to our ecosystem with a gadget that can come in handy if we are looking for convenience when paying. We are talking about wearables, those smartwatches and smartbands that allow us to pay just by bringing our wrist close to the payment terminal, the transaction immediately occurring just as it happens with our mobile phone. via NFC chips. Some can do it independently and others have to be paired with our mobile phone for this function to produce its results. Although it is a functionality that is usually common to everyone, it is most recommended that before purchasing we make sure that The wearable that we are going to acquire is compatible with NFC payments.

Yes, it is true that to use this tool, if we do not have one we will have to spend our money to get a wearable, but really if what we are looking for is comfort and avoiding carrying around cash and wallet messes, the best option is this; There are also numerous options on the market absolutely accessible in terms of price that we can easily acquire.

Be careful with false keystrokes

The fact of getting used to constantly paying with our mobile phone is that the day may come when we have some kind of surprise or scare with our payment because it is not completely exact like everything in technology, and of course, This can end up giving us errors and failures. Above all, these errors will be related to the different mistakes that we may be having because we have automatically configured payment by clicking on the side buttons.

Therefore, the most normal thing is that in the event that These buttons are tight in the pockets or press them by mistake quickly, before we have to pay, the payment screen will open and we will be able to make any type of payment if we bring the mobile closer, an issue that in principle, we should not have to worry about at all because being far from a POS, there should be no problems. The error comes when we do it near a POS or we have some type of erca payment device that can take our data, then we should worry and take into account…

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