Amazon Echo Input: What is it and how does it work? |

If you haven’t heard of it, here comes everything you need to know. Echo Input is the Amazon device that allows you to convert any speaker you have at home into an Amazon Echo.

Echo Input turn a normal speaker into a smart one, so that you can use Amazon’s assistant, the famous Alexa, without having to buy a new speaker.

What is Echo Input for?

If you have a speaker with excellent sound quality, which you don’t want to give up, you can turn it into a smart speaker with Amazon Input. Thus, you will have that quality to listen to music or the news and, in addition, the ability to access the different ones that are available.

And there are still more. That speaker It can be either Bluetooth or a normal wired connection with Jack 3.5mm (the traditional headphone or speaker connection). Amazon Input is capable of connecting by both means.

What is Echo Input like?

Amazon Input is a small and stylish device that you can place anywhere, since it only has 8 cm in diameter by 1.4 cm in height.

With a circular shape and in black and white colors, so you can combine it with any environment, you only need three things:

  • Connect it to the electrical current using the cable that comes with it.
  • Connect it to the speaker via 3.5mm cable or connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. In this last way, Amazon Input only needs the cable that goes to the power.
  • Connect it to the Internet using the mobile app. Given that Amazon Input requires a connection to search for what you ask for or play music by streaming, for example from Spotify. That’s why, the ideal is that you have one like the one offers you.
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How Echo Input works

It’s sooo easy. Amazon Input comes with built-in Alexa assistant as well as four high-quality microphones. With them, Amazon Input is ready to listen to your voice commands from anywhere in the room where you have placed it.

What’s more, Amazon Input is able to distinguish your voice even over the music.

Thus, it collects the orders you give it, processes them and responds through the speaker that you have connected to it with or without cables.

Advantages of Echo Input

Why buy Amazon Input instead of an Amazon Echo speaker directly? The right choice will depend on your particular situation, but Amazon Input has these advantages:

  • It’s economic. For about 39.99 euros you can have all the power of Alexa.
  • Allows you to connect higher quality speakers than Amazon Echo. If you are a music lover, and you have an impressive music system, it is undoubtedly better to connect Amazon Input and take advantage of it.
  • It does not take up anything and can be very discreet, so that it does not spoil the decoration of the room.

Amazon Echo, Google Home… the smart speakers They are becoming very fashionable. And now, with Amazon Input, you can turn any speaker into a smart one.

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