Android Auto’s Achilles heel: Coolwalk is not perfect

For a few months now, Android Auto has revolutionized its outdated interface to bet on Coolwalk. A renewed design that is similar to CarPlay in many aspects, although it is not as perfected and there is a very improvable section of Google’s intelligent driving application that, without a doubt, is its Achilles heel.

It is a fact that Android Auto’s Coolwalk has improved user experience through an organization of applications by block, but not all that glitters is gold. The interface also has its limitations and the next step that the app must take is customization.

Android Auto’s Coolwalk needs to be more customizable

Android is a highly customizable operating system that gives the user an enormous amount of possibilities, but Android Auto does not have so many options in this sense. Unlike other applications, the car navigation program does not allow you to modify the appearance of the screen, change the background, choose icons or rearrange applications. In addition, it does not allow you to install third-party apps that are not certified by Google itself, although this is an inconvenience that has been causing something to talk about for a long time.

This is a problem for many users who want to have more control over your user experience and adapt it to your tastes and needs. For example, some users prefer to have a more detailed map or a larger list of radio stations. Other users want to access , such as YouTube, Netflix or games. According to the American company, these apps can distract the user from the road, but it would be as easy as limiting their use while the car is stationary and blocking them while moving.

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Other aspects that could be improved

One aspect that could improve Android Auto is the integration with Google Assistant. Although it is true that this is a problem with the app itself and not with the interface. The assistant offers contextual suggestions and quick actions, they are not always the most appropriate or relevant for the driver. In addition, sometimes it does not recognize voice commands well or it activates accidentally.

It would be advisable for the assistant to be smarter and more precise when interacting with the user. For example, if the user says “call home,” she should know which contact she is referring to and not ask for the name. Or if the user says “play music,” the assistant should play the last music app she used and not open a list of options.

There is no doubt that Android Auto’s Coolwalk interface is a big improvement over the previous version, but it still has room for improvement. Personalization is one of the pending issues of the smart driving app and it is something that could improve with a simple update. Another user complaint revolves around the problems that the interface has caused at the software level, although these have been quickly resolved by Google through patches, so everything revolves around customization options.

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