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In this Introduction to Blender course we will focus on learning about the application, installing it, customizing it and configuring it to optimize its performance.

Blender has a wide variety of tools that make it ideal for any type of media production. It is a suite specialized in 3D content that offers a wide variety of essential tools integrated. Including Modeling, Rendering, Animation and Rigging, video editing, VFX, Compositing, Texturing, and even some types of simulations.

An application that has become the favorite of many 3D artists and people who want to enter this world. The reasons are many, its versatility and scalability are making it the tool par excellence for creating animations and 3D environments for use in movies and video games. Even for the creation of animated short films, comic book design and many other applications.

Furthermore, it is a cross-platform tool, available for Windows, iOS and Linux. And it is a completely free application under the umbrella of its Open GUI license.

As it is an application that is maintained by a huge community, it is possible to further expand its features and tools through add-ons that we can purchase for free, as well as being able to fully customize its interface and functionalities.

Blender makes it possible to perform a large number of tasks, so many that it can be daunting when we get in touch with it. However, with a little motivation and taking it one step at a time, we will be able to master it.

Likewise, we will focus on knowing its interface and work areas, as well as learning how to move in 3D space and manipulate the objects with which we will work. Go for it!

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