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We arrive at the ninth class of the Bootstrap course in which we will see something fundamental today. How to make a responsive website!

9 – Responsive design in Bootstrap

In fact, although it is true that we will learn new things, we should already know the basics of how to program a responsive website with Bootstrap. However, it is important not to review the information, but to put together everything we have learned so far, focusing on making a responsive web.

In other words, in summary, what we will try in this class is to practice the knowledge learned by creating a responsive web from scratch. Let’s get to it!

Perfect, as we have seen in the video, we have not only practiced the knowledge learned to develop an adaptable web, we have also learned new classes very focused on adaptable webs.

Now that we’ve even practiced, we can start developing web pages with Bootstrap. As always, if you have any doubt or question, you can send it through the intranet form. See you in the next lesson! ­čÖé

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