Chocolate does not make you fat, helps reduce sugar levels and burns fat (says a study)

There is no food that awakens more desires, good and bad, like chocolate. Present in an infinity of products, the different studies on its moderate intake have always called cocoa into question. However, the last one, whose authorship has a primary role in Murcia, has detected that it is not the cause of weight gain, it helps burn fat and lower sugar levels.

As soon as you get up, chocolate, and before bed, more chocolate. Always in moderation and without eating a whole tablet, a study published in explains that the consumption of this food can help the body to be much healthier.

To take these ideas into account, the researchers collaborated with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, where they took 19 postmenopausal women who consumed 100 grams of chocolate in the morning or at night, being able to distribute this content as they considered.

The result was that there was no weight gain at all, as well as thanks to this it was possible to influence appetite, the composition of the microbiota or even sleep. In addition, all those who gave most of their consumption in the morning noticed how chocolate burned fat and helped control blood glucose levels, as well as those who distributed it to the last hours of the day altered their resting metabolism and they woke up stronger for exercise.

“When we eat is a relevant factor to consider in energy balance and metabolism

“Drinking chocolate in the morning or at night produces differential effects on hunger and appetite, oxidation, fasting glucose, the microbiota, sleep rhythms and temperature. The results highlight that the ‘when’ we eat is a relevant factor to consider in energy balance and metabolism” stand out in the study.

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One more proof for lovers of such appetizing food and a new study that supports the ideas that chocolate is more beneficial than harmful. Of course, always in moderation, its consumption is more than reasoned.

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