Christmas Lottery 2014: Christmas Lottery Draw Results

in a safe way

For several years now, more than half of Spaniards have used instant messaging applications to share lottery tickets, however, it is important to be alert to avoid disappointment.

christmas lottery | To achieve reimbursement

There is no bad investment if you don’t lose money, and just hitting the last number returns the cost.

Draw on December 22

The Christmas Lottery returns and no one misses out on this year’s news. The most repeated question is once again about the amount of the Gordo.

they have been practicing for a month

“The more you play, the more chances you’ll get.” It is not a typical phrase for games of chance but a reality, and if not tell it to Madrid.

Christmas lottery

‘El Gordo’ will distribute 400,000 euros per tenth winner, an amount that, if used to cover holes, would save 46,200 euros.

thanks to the 20% levy

The Ministry of Finance has collected 300.2 million euros so far this year thanks to the 20% tax included in all lottery draws.


What happens if my tenth of the Christmas Lottery is stolen and it turns out that it has a prize? What if I share my ticket with a friend and then they refuse to share the prize? They are unpleasant ‘surprises’.

happens in 90% of cases

The extraordinary draw for the Christmas Lottery will knock on the doors of those to whom luck smiles to fill them with thousands of euros, 400,000 euros for the tenth winner, more specifically.

ready for december 22

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The drums of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw that will take place on December 22 have arrived this Tuesday at the Royal Theater in Madrid after 9 in the morning, thus culminating a process of…

according to a mathematician

Winning the Christmas Lottery Gordo has very low odds, 1 in 100,000, which are the numbers that enter the pots each year.

Travel around the world, the choice

The Christmas Lottery is one of those times of the year that makes Spaniards dream. What would you spend the money on if you were graced with el Gordo?

In what places and what number do you play more?

If on December 22 you are lucky enough to win the El Gordo, congratulations on your prize.

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