Collecting lottery prizes in full is now possible: this is how Laguinda insurance works

The joy of winning a lottery prize contrasts, on many occasions, with the later thought of “how much does the Treasury get?” A tax that has been on the rise in recent years, on earnings of more than 40,000 euros, and that currently allocates 20% to the treasury. Given this, the idea of ​​the insurer was born, which allows bettors to collect their entire fortune in full for a modest price when buying the ticket.

Laguinda has reached the Spanish market to become the . With an eye on the ‘inconvenience’ of winning a raffle but having to give money to the Tax Agency, it is done automatically so the user collects the money already with taxes deducted, this insurance is an easy solution to avoid having to give away a minimum of 8,000 euros to the Treasury.

Treasury raised more than 700 million in lotteries in 2019

Some taxes that have been growing in recent years, and that represent an important collection for the treasury with all the lottery games that exist.

With more than 700 million raised in 2019 alone, the idea of ​​Beco 1987 has the approval of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the force behind a large insurer such as AXA and the Kutxabank banking entity, which acts as a provider.

What are the conditions?

Landing in only three of the most important State Lotteries and Betting draws (Primitiva, Bonoloto and El Gordo de la Primitiva), the idea of ​​the company is to expand its market to cover the Euromillions and the National Lottery.

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As for the insurance, its price is so low that the winners will hardly remember it. From 0.15 cents, in the Bonoloto, the amount rises to 0.25 cents in a simple bet of the Primitiva and 0.40 cents in El Gordo de la Primitiva.

A low cost that is also complemented by its easy operation. From any mobile phone (Android or iOS), the bettor prints the QR of the ticket with the Laguinda app and directly enters the desired amount, in order to have his possible future prize insured. Without paperwork, in order to circumvent Treasury taxes and provide complete joy to the winners of a lottery prize.

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