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Perform is tremendously helpful in understanding what the user’s journey is from start to finish to complete a particular task. Thanks to the prototypes we can illustrate this journey from a specific starting point to its end.

It allows everyone to have the same perspective and contribute in the same way, simply by following the flow created through the Wireframes.

This type of flow makes it possible to understand the whole and evaluate the user experience as a whole. It helps to understand each step in the entire process that a user executes to perform a task. It allows to evaluate from a bird’s eye view the flow and find points where improvements could be made.

There are platforms and tools that make this type of task easier. It should be emphasized that they are not substitutes, they are complementary to a good .

This tool allows you to create screen flows (user flow) quickly and easily.

It is a platform that makes it easy for digital product design teams to create, update and communicate effectively and efficiently.

Thanks to this tool, it is possible to user flows easily and quickly. Integrates with popular design tools like Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma.

The main objective is to improve the layout process, as well as the collaboration and communication of the product team itself and with the rest of the teams involved in the development of the digital product.

The platform has a cloud where you can store the flows created and share them through a URL or send them directly by email. It also allows dynamic presentations with interactions that will help not to bore you in the presentation of the project.

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Overflow allows feedback between stakeholders on flows that are shared. Logically, this option can be enabled or disabled when the link is generated.

This tool has a free trial period and can continue to be used later through a monthly payment of €12.


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