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Daniel Vazquez (Madrid, 1976) is the General Manager of Redegal, one of the classic names within the sector of digital marketing agencies in Spain, and which is at a key moment in its evolution, after announcing that it will begin trading on BME Growth in the coming months. To find out more about the agency and its short-term plans, we talked to Daniel.

You came to Redegal in May of this year to directly become its general manager. How was the process? What attracted you to the company… and what do you think attracted them to you?

The process was very natural. When we started the talks, I immediately saw that It was a project that I couldn’t turn down., a unique opportunity for growth both professionally and in business. Even more so when taking into account that we are in an important process derived from the start of listing on BME Growth in the coming months.

I was attracted by its value proposition, its strong specialization both in marketing and in the development of technological solutions, and its multidisciplinary team of more than 150 people. In addition to a very solid client portfolio both nationally and internationally. Likewise, Redegal’s growth ambition, the ability to offer a truly 360º service and the company’s international projection, are the aspects that led me to accept the change, it was a professional challenge.

You have more than 20 years of experience in the digital field… what are the main lessons learned from this previous stage and how will you apply them in Redegal?

20 years already… 23 really. You look back and you see that in 2000 I started at Vodafone (it was really Airtelnet, but who remembers… 😊) with services of what was known as “search engine optimization”. There was no mention of SEM; we sold domains, packages of email accounts and Internet access to companies. Since then all my life has been related to digitalboth at a business level and at a technical level.

Going through companies like QDQ I learned the service to micro-businesses and to deal with companies like Google and Yahoo!. I also launched one of the first mobile websites in 2007 (there was no responsive, we already did 100% mobile websites).

For the last 12 years I have dedicated myself to eCommerce, the most exciting thing that has happened to me professionally. It has been very gratifying to be able to influence the results of my clients, seeing how some of them went from 0 to 20 million euros in turnover and having been able to contribute to their growth.

Therefore, my contribution to Redegal is a deep knowledge of digital products and eCommerce, based on experience and creating 360 services, both from the point of view of digital business needs at the strategic level and its tactical application both to level of technology, operations, Marketing and Growth.

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Where is the company currently? What are the main challenges you face in this first year?

Redegal is in a sweet and mature moment after more than 18 years in the market. The results for 2021 have exceeded our expectations, with double-digit growth and future listing on BME Growth on our roadmap. Our main objective is focused on continue to grow at double digits organicallyjust as we have been doing, and grow inorganically with an ambitious and well-considered strategy that allows us to add new production units or companies.

Why have you made this decision to list on the alternative market of BME Growth and what do you think it can bring you? When will it happen?

Our future IPO (at the moment we are in a pre-market environment) responds to the search for new ways of financing that allow us to consolidate our organic growth and open a new path of inorganic growth through mergers and acquisitions, both of companies and business units, that complement both us and our present and future clients, as well as our future investors.

This will also help us both retain and attract talent, another of Redegal’s priorities.

You have a presence in Spain and Mexico, what weight does each of the two markets have in your business?

In Spain we are very consolidated after more than 18 years providing value, so we are a profitable company.

Our offices in Spain, Mexico and serve as a hub with our clients in different countries. Thanks to this geographical distribution and our commitment to telecommuting, we serve clients from various locations, including Germany and the United States. We want to continue expanding our business in Europe, LATAM and the United States, there is room to grow thanks to our human team.

Today, the Mexican market accounts for 25% of our turnover and we have great clients who trust us such as Armani Exchange, Italika, Nine West, Grupo Herdez, Under Armor or Cat, among others. We have great alliances in the country, given that we have had a presence there for 11 years, which has opened many doors for us in Latin America and the United States. Our goal is to continue growing there and be able to expand.

Your catalog of services is quite broad, from SEO and content marketing to ecommerce development and marketplace strategy. How are your clients? Which of these are the most demanded services?

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We are highly diversified at the level of services, which allows us to have a wide distribution of income and customer weights in billing between the areas of growth marketing and development.

At the level of weight of the services, special mention in marketing would have the services of analytics, since we have our own application called Binnacle Data that allows us to obtain metrics that would otherwise be impossible to obtain. This allows us to offer highly optimized results to clients in services such as Paid Media or SEO.

We were born as a company that provided support and solutions to the retail client, but we are also working a lot with the industry sector, which is increasingly asking us for more solutions and services to cover both B2B and B2C demand. Very oriented to the growth marketing part to be very aligned with their objectives.

We work for a very broad portfolio of clients, of which we are very proud, including Abanca, Grupo Hermanos Martín, Gilmar, Oney, Grupo Salinas, Marqués de Murrieta and Grupo Avanza, among others.

You are part of the agency partner program of BigCommerce, one of the main platforms for electronic commerce. What type of clients do you think it suits best? What are its main differences compared to others you are partners with, such as Magento or Prestashop?

BigCommerce is an expected evolution in the Open SaaS concept is the key to its advantage over other platforms. It has the virtues of a SaaS at the level of stability and the ability to adapt to customer growth with the possibility of making customizations (for example, at checkout), something essential for customizing the sales funnel in each sector.

The key for us is not only working with Big Commerce, but also having synergies with other important players in the sector that our clients such as Adobe, of which we are a bronze partner, may demand of us. It is in our DNA to offer our clients the option to choose the technology that best suits their business model. The important thing is to have a range that covers the different customer profiles and demands, there is room for everyone.

What would be your main advice for a small business that is thinking of making the leap to online sales? How to decide between marketplace, own store… or both?

It would be like saying, “you have to decide between selling only in your own store or also in shopping centers and multi-brand stores”.

You have to try all the channels.. Marketplaces provide sales by paying for the traffic and possible sales that are generated. It is like when a brand or business thinks of setting up a store in the most commercial street of the city and is paying for that location; It is not profitable for everyone, but for many companies it is.

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The own store allows offering a totally exclusive experience, knowing more about the customer, having the ability to offer exclusive products and, initially, greater profitability. Each channel offers its advantages.

Let’s take a trip back in time, how do you imagine ecommerce in 2025?

A few years ago we were talking about the fact that only 5% of sales were made online. Now we have brands or retailers that already reach 25% of their sales online. Although we already have a certain maturity in the ecommerce sector, it is foreseeable that by the year 2025 we will be closer to 50% of sales through this channel than we think.

And what headline about Redegal would you like to read in Marketing4eCommerce in a year?

Redegal exceeds the objectives set for 2022

quick quiz

  • What is the first social network you open in the day? LinkedIn
  • iOS or Android? Android
  • App or website? Web
  • In which eCommerce and how long ago did you make your last online purchase? Yesterday at Pull&Bear. Youth goes inside, and outside 😊
  • And it was? Some shorts to train and some long ones to tele-work in winter
  • Last book read? Audiobook. I Julia.
  • Recommend us a fiction series Fringe
  • What website have you come across lately that has surprised you for the better? I’m sorry, but none come to me right now, I think that taking care of the UX is already common, which gives us an idea of ​​the degree of maturity we have in digital.
  • What is your favorite thing to do that has nothing to do with digital? Being with family.
  • Let’s spin a magic chain: Which acquaintance of yours (from another company) do you think we should interview? Why? Ruben Gonzalez Carvajal. Apart from being a former partner, he is one of the most talented ecommerce managers I have ever met. And another, if you let me, Vicente Prieto, the other ecommerce manager I respect the most.

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