Download Chicotaz the game of Holy Week processions

Nowadays we can find almost everything. The one we bring you today takes the cake since he is set during Holy Week in Seville. Specifically, we will put ourselves in the shoes of a foreman of a brotherhood and we will have to guide saints through different streets. It is the most original thing we have seen lately. For this reason we encourage you to download Chicotaz.

And as you know, in Spain these types of festivities have many followers. Especially in Andalusia where the processions are, In addition to a religious festival, a tourist attraction. Thousands and thousands of people attend each year the different steps that are celebrated throughout the Easter.

The objective of the game is to guide Christ or the Virgin through the streets of Seville

As you know, in the processions we have different groups or brotherhoods that They take out religious images in the street. These go with a lot of people underneath who carry them along the route by weight. Guiding them all we have a foreman who is the one who tells them if they have to go. turn right, left or stop.

Well, if you dare to download Chicotaz You will see how the objective of the game is precisely this. You will have to guide the steps avoiding people, curbs or trees. But be careful because it is not enough to be skillful, you will also have to be fast since the route must be completed in a certain time.

As we go completing steps and streets They will be unlocked again. Specifically, there are six steps and ten different itineraries, so you have a game for a while. Furthermore, the colors of the brotherhoods are the same as in real life, so if you are fans of these festivals, You’re going to love Chicotaz.

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Download Chicotaz for free, quickly and easily

There are many things we like about this app. But if we leave the gameplay aside, there are a couple that are key. First of all that The game is totally free and secondly, it is available for both Android and iOS. As we always like to make things easy for you, here we leave you the download links.

What do you think? Are you fans of Sevillian Holy Week? Do you like processions? In this article we encourage you to download Chicotaz. In the editorial office we have been quite amused by the truth although we are not much of saints. Of course, we love Seville.

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