Download MSQRD 1.0.4, with new filters!

There is no doubt that the viral phenomenon of MSQRD It has been great. For those who do not know this app, it is an application that allows us to take selfies and video selfies with a virtual mask that attaches to our face, changing our face to that of Leonardo DiCaprio or that of the Joker, that of a gorilla, etc. ., in a very realistic way. The monitoring and results are so real that everyone who tries it is surprised, and hence its success. The developers, seeing the success that their app is having right now, have rushed to update it with a new batch masks and some other new functions. Below we explain more and at the end of the article we leave you a link to download MSQRD 1.0.4the current version we are talking about.

MSQRD is updated with new filters/masks/effects

The most interesting thing about this revolutionary app is its masks, we will agree on that. So the guys at Masquerade have taken advantage of this new update to include new filters that more than one user will surely like. To the face of the polar bear, Darth Maul, Minecraft or David Bowie, among others, we will add that of Tony Stark (Ironman), the World of Tanks one, the zombie one, the Harry Potter (scar included!) and that of Hombre de Hierro, which will also open its helmet if we lift our head upwards, revealing our face. As always, we can take a selfie to immortalize our new face or a selfie video demonstrating how well this app tracks our face.

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In addition to the new filters, MSQRD 1.0.4 adds a few more minor new features. One of them is compatibility with Twitter; Now we can share our creations directly to the social network from MSQRD. The other novelty is that they have improved the video processing, obtaining the result of our selfie video more quickly than in previous versions. Anything to improve the service, welcome.

Updated: . Original news: One of the issues that MSQRD has created the most controversy is the fact that the app is only available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and not for Android. At the moment, nothing is known about a possible version for the Google operating system, a reason that has led many users to complain. It is to be hoped that the developers will get to work and take advantage of the boom in the application to expand it to Android.

Download MSQRD 1.0.4 for iOS

Meanwhile, iOS users can now go ahead and download MSQRD 1.0.4 with these new features mentioned above.

What do you think of MSQRD? In the article we dedicated to it at the time, we explain in more depth the details of the popular app: . Finally, on Facebook we are looking for the most original selfie taken with the app!

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