Download paid apps for free? They discover an error in the Huawei AppGallery

They discover an error in Huawei’s application store software, AppGallery, which allowed any user to download a paid app or premium service completely free of charge, the company has already been notified and has started to solve the problem.

Since 2019, the Chinese brand Huawei has had its own operating system that has its own application store after suffering the veto of the United States so that they could not use any American product, such as Google, which was what it used previously.

In just a few years, the company has managed to create an entire , and it already has almost all the apps that we could find on an Apple or Android device. However, creating an entire operating system is not easy and without previous experience, what has happened can happen, that there may be vulnerabilities.

It was the developer who discovered an exploit in the application interface (API) that did not offer any type of protection to paid apps, making it possible for anyone to download these applications for free.

Just by getting an APK download link you could download premium apps and services at zero cost in the AppGallery. Roussel discovered this flaw in February 2022 and contacted Huawei to notify them of this vulnerability, but it was not until this week that the company has publicly acknowledged this bug.

Among all the possible vulnerabilities, the fact that paid apps can be downloaded for free is one of the most harmless. Obviously this is something negative for both the application store and the developer companies, since they are losing money, but it would have been much more serious if there had been a vulnerability that leaked user data or facilitated the entry of malware.

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Apparently the company has already started to solve this error, but without a doubt this news will negatively affect Huawei, which little by little had managed to remove the stigma of having an operating system other than iOS and Android. Although it is not serious and really “benefits” users, this exploit will generate more doubts about the validity of the Huawei Mobile Services operating system.

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