Dyson Airwrap: The new generation of hair styler from Dyson for multiple styles

Dyson is launching! The brand is releasing today the new and improved version of its iconic Dyson Airwrap hair styler. Getting the hairstyle that best suits your style will be much easier from now on thanks to this versatile styler that, thanks to the most advanced Dyson technology, will allow us to curl, wave, straighten and dry easily and without damaging the hair. hair. In addition, new presents an innovative technology with three accessories to eliminate frizz.

The new one is capable of offering the best results thanks to its greater performance and efficiency. It uses a new technology, called Coanda, which helps to achieve curly hairstyles, to shape and de-frizz the hair without the need to use extreme heat. This technology collects air to draw the hair into the styler and wrap around it. You no longer have to worry about burning, damaging or mistreating your hair when styling it. The Airwrap styler has everything you need to always have a perfect mane.

Dyson Airwrap styler accessories and operation

Thanks to the wide variety of accessories that it includes, it is suitable for all hair types and is also fully customizable. All you need is to keep the body of the styler and add the head that suits you best depending on the hairstyle you want to wear.

All accessories can be changed with a simple click. In addition, the tip of the main cylinder offers a cool sensation to the touch, so you do not burn yourself and you can change accessories while you style your hair.

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It is worth highlighting the new coanda straightening dryer accessory that offers you 2 functions in 1. In the pre-drying mode you can prepare your hair for the styling you want and in the straightening mode you can smooth and eliminate frizz for a smooth and shiny finish.

The rest of the styling attachments can create clockwise curls and change direction in seconds, without the need to change barrels. Your curls will be natural and voluminous and you will be able to try many different styles thanks to the versatility that the Dyson hair styler brings.

There are many women who use poor quality products to fix their hair, which means that it is damaged more easily. Therefore, Dyson seeks the best solutions so that we can all benefit from the advantages of its advanced technology by avoiding extreme heat damage. The new Dyson Airwrap that goes on sale today is the best option to curl, wave, dry and straighten hair without additional damage.

Whatever your hair is, the Dyson hair styler gives you the perfect accessory for salon-worthy results. In addition, it is an efficient, high-performance and very durable product. Without a doubt, Dyson today launches a new jewel of technology.

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