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The is the alternative you want to offer ThePowerMBA, one of the most successful online business schools in Europe in recent years, before a reality: The need to acquire the knowledge and the appropriate tools to be an expert in online commerce and the strong demand for qualified professionals with specific skills for it.

And it is that, Even if it looks like a liethere are many entrepreneurs who still do not know everything that has to do with eCommerce management and how to take advantage of its potential in their business.

Dominate eCommerce thanks to this program.

The eCommerce it goes much further than sending an item that a customer buys over the Internet. First, it is convenient to be an expert in digital marketingwork the branding and know the ordinary management. All these steps are essential for an eCommerce to work well and be competitive.

In ThePowerEcommerce you will be able to validate your idea or project and in this way approach the creation of your eCommerce step by step, learning from the best, how to also manage relationships with customers. providers and implement the Logistics.

The program will analyze examples of successful companies such as , TropicFeel, DeporVillage, orchard planet, biman 13, Balbisiana Y Tipi Tent. This will be the way for you to learn with practical examples how you can achieve your goal. The training program also has the collaboration of a giant such as amazon.

The eCommerce expert program is carried out in the form 100% online. The organization is run by the ThePowerMBA business school, a company that has been created by the CEOs and founders of large companies such as Tuenti, Hawkers, etc. specialized in online business training programsand which also organizes events of networking focused on everything that has to do with digital business. The school has a presence in Spain, Latin America. and soon it will expand to the US with the respective analysis of great success stories in the country

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Who is the eCommerce expert course for?

ThePowereCommerce It has the virtue of being aimed at two types of public related to the business world. people who want launch or grow your eCommerce step by step, they will be able to learn all the keys so that this is competitive as well as the company managers they want increase your sales in the online channel They will also be able to take advantage of this training.

Another important aspect to highlight is that the program is eminently practical. The knowledge that the students who follow it will get will allow you to open an eCommerce or improve some elements if you already have it. The information is progressive, yes, but it is not exclusive, so it will not hurt for those who already have some prior knowledge of the sector.

Faculty of teachers

The program is run by the CEOs and Founders of the specialized in fashion and accessories. Rafael Munoz Y Raul Hita they will explain to you from their experience of success how you can improve your eCommerce or launch it from scratch. In addition, the faculty of this program includes other well-known names in the sector in Spain such as Alberto Espinós, from Tropicfeel, David Morán from Muroexe or Andrés Cester, from The Colvin.

The eCommerce expert program offers a 100% online training for 200 places. The total duration is 7 months distributed in 200 classes. 50% of the time of the classes is theoretical, 30% are success stories and 20% description of eCommerce reference companies. you will receive 15 minutes of class daily in a flexible way and from any device, so that you can progressively assimilate knowledge.

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