Endesa offers 4.7% with its dividend on July 1

Around 1.6% is left on the floor this year. The electricity company headed by José Bogas is one of the safe values ​​of shareholder remuneration in Spain; even during the worst of the pandemic, he continued to reward investors.

The company pays, generally, twice a year, in January (the interim dividend) and in July (the complementary). And it has already confirmed that on July 1 it will pay 0.9372 euros per share, which at current prices allows it to pocket 4.7%.

The dividend charged to 2021 amounts to 1.4372 euros, a figure 29% less than the previous year

If we add to that amount the 0.5 euros gross that the electricity company already distributed in January, the total dividend charged to Endesa’s 2021 financial year amounts to 1.4372 euros, a figure 29% lower than that of the previous year. 2021 has been the first year in which Endesa, in accordance with the dividend policy that it approved at the end of 2018, has stopped distributing 100% of its profits among its shareholders, to hand them 80%. Of the profits of 2022 and 2023, he will offer them 70%. This cut in its payout (percentage of profits intended to pay) responds to a shift in the company’s business model, which wants to strengthen itself in renewables. Years ago he warned that his goal was to capture between 10% and 15% of the new capacity in this type of energy that will be necessary until 2030.

Endesa, which presented its results for 2021 at the end of February, obtained a net profit of 1,435 million euros last year, 3% above the figure for 2020. The market consensus collected by FactSet estimates that in the current year that figure will grow by 21%, to close to 1,740 million euros, and that in 2023 will increase by 10% more, to around 1,920 million.

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The same analysts have given the utility titles a purchase recommendation since last January. The company’s advice, which was a sell when the coronavirus pandemic began, radically improved in March 2020, supported by the defensive nature of the stock in the midst of the outbreak of Covid-19.

Starting next Monday, Endesa will replace the EcoDividend, the elEconomista strategy that includes the most attractive upcoming payments on the Spanish stock market. The subsidiary of Acciona leaves after paying its shareholders this Thursday, April 21.

Prosegur: last call

The security group confirmed its next installment on Thursday: it will pay, as expected, 0.031 euros on April 28, which yields 1.5%. The last day to enter the value is this Monday, the 25th. This is the company’s second dividend charged to the 2021 accounts. Prosegur pays out, generally, four times a year, in January, April, July and October. In the opinion of analysts, it is a safe value: the market consensus collected by FactSet has advised buying its titles uninterruptedly since March 2020.

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