Esperanza Gómez is married but has a boyfriend, would you?

The adult film actress confessed that despite being married in her life there is another man, that’s why her followers were left with their mouths open.

Esperanza Gómez has stood out for being an open-minded woman and that was demonstrated during an interview with the program I know everything. It turns out that the actress herself confessed that, “I have a relationship with my husband in Colombia and I have a parallel one in the United States, allowed by my husband.”

Esperanza Gomez
Esperanza Gomez

The Colombian, laughing, also assured that for this reason they now call her ‘Esperanza and her two husbands’, alluding to the typical story of ‘Doña Flor and her two husbands’. In addition, she mentioned that in a couple it is essential that both have fantasies and experience new things all the time.

At the end of the interview, Esperanza came to the conclusion that sex with a partner should be a restless and intrepid subject. She also said that it is not something that should last but should be remembered forever.

Esperanza Gomez

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