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One of the best marketing techniques for a store or business is the typical gift card. It is the perfect solution for those people who want to give something to someone but have no idea what to buy. Since giving money doesn’t look great and isn’t very personal, the gift card is the perfect solution.

But how can we sell gift cards from our business with WooCommerce? Well, until recently the only solution was to create several virtual products with different amounts, so that the user could choose one and buy it. But that did not allow personalizing the gift card, choosing the amount, or keeping track of the cards.

But now it is possible to leave everything ready with just two steps, combining a couple of plugins. The one of and the one of .

1. With the first plugin we will create a gift voucher. We can choose the drawing, the name of the person who receives it, and even a personalized message:

2. Next, we must install the plugin, so that the client can choose the amount of the gift card:

Y voila! We already have it ready. A “gift card” product with a customizable amount ready. In addition, the plugin allows us to keep an exhaustive control of all the gift cards sold so that we can mark those that have already been consumed. Simply brilliant, simply brilliant.

If you are interested, you already know where to find the plugins ( Y ). And if you want me to configure it myself, you just have to buy one of the two plugins with the “Plugin + Configuration” option, and I’ll take care of everything 🙂

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