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In this lesson we are going to see how to receive emails from other email accounts to our Gmail, to receive all the email in a single point. Very comfortable!

7.1 – Add other email accounts in Gmail

Today we are going to see the opposite of what we saw in the previous class. Instead of sending and seeing emails from our Gmail in other applications and mail services, today we bring them to us.

That is, how to use our Gmail account to receive and answer emails from other accounts, whether or not they are Gmail. We will see how to check our mail either from another Gmail, another service like Hotmail, iCloud, Me, Yahoo, or even from a corporate email with your domain. Whatever you want. And we will do it all from a single point.

This can be very useful if you have multiple accounts, for example:

  • A personal Gmail account
  • An @company account
  • An @old Hotmail account where they sometimes send you things
  • The @universidad account on duty
  • An account of a that you have separately

And so, endless options. So here we go, let’s start adding accounts in Gmail 🙂

Do you realize how comfortable it is to be able not only to receive but also to answer all emails from a single point, as if we were working with Outlook or Thunderbird, but online?

Now we can say that we have a Gmail “to control them all.” Thanks to this option, we will only have to check the mail at one point. This is productivity.

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7.2 – Import and delegate accounts

And now that we have already seen how to receive mail from another account in Gmail, now we are going to do an import, which although it seems very similar, is not the same.

We will do an import when we want to migrate an account, normally with the intention of abandoning the other mail. In this way, “we move house”, and we will take with us all the luggage (accumulated old emails and contacts) from the other account. Let’s go there!

As you can see, this type of action is carried out very occasionally, normally only once, when we change domain, company, or mail provider.

Finally, regarding the delegation of accounts, you can see that it is a very specific option (and dangerous) which tends to be most frequently used in companies and corporations in which several people from the same department can delegate access to others in cases of temporary leave or vacations.

So, the tasks that we propose today are to link all the email accounts that you have. Each and every one of them, in order to not only receive, but also answer as if you were doing it from that email. And as always, if you have any problems doing it, contact us and we will help you 🙂

And with this we end today’s lesson. See you in the next one, in which we will see expanded functions of Gmail, beyond the mail. Don’t miss it!

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