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Google Premier Partner is the badge that, year after year, recognizes the work of the best agencies in the world specialized in digital marketing and use of Google Ads. Despite the fact that the online giant has not published the complete list of winners in 2022, we have been compiling the names of those who have announced it, proud to be part of the elite of the sector in Spain.

Google Partner and Google Partner Premier Agencies

Google actually distinguishes between two types of partner agencies: Google Partners and Google Partner Premiers.

Google partner

The company itself explains it officially: those companies that become Google partners receive company recognition for ensuring that their clients’ campaigns obtain the best results, thus making them grow by managing their campaigns and demonstrating their knowledge of Google Ads and their experience on said platform through different certifications.

In addition, Google also explains that the companies affiliated to the program will enjoy a wide range of advantages, such as the possibility of display the Google Partner badge on your website and in your marketing materials.

Performance, investment and certifications

Google itself lists the necessary requirements for an agency to be considered within the Google Partner program, which fall into three categories: performance, investment and certifications. Every day, Google itself takes care of check whether the companies meet these requirements.

With respect to performance, Google explains that this requirement allows them to ensure that Google Ads campaigns are optimally created and delivered within the company to achieve the best possible results for their customers.

They also add that “Google Ads manager account registered with Google Partners must have a minimum optimization score of 70%. The control belongs to the company, since it is the one who decides to apply or reject recommendations according to what it considers appropriate and the objectives of its clients».

In the part of investment, Google indicates that the Google Ads administrator account that appears registered in Google Partners “You must maintain an advertising investment of 10,000 dollars (about 8,800 euros) in 90 days among all managed accounts.”

Refering to certificationfrom Google indicate that at least 50% of the Account Strategists of a Google Ads manager account that is duly registered with Google Partners must have, at a minimum, “a Google Ads certification in each product area where the business has campaigns spending $500 or more in 90 days (for example, Search, Display, Video, Shopping, or Apps). The number of Account Strategists who must have the relevant certifications is limited to 100”, Google highlights.

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The Account Strategists, according to the company, are those employees of a company who are dedicated to managing the Google Ads campaigns corresponding to said company on behalf of its clients. These companies have the task of informing Google about the number of users who work as Account Strategists and who must obtain the relevant certifications thanks to the work they perform daily.

Google Premier Partner

In order to become a Google Premier Partnerthe American company indicates that they must comply with the aforementioned requirements, but additionally, they have to be part of the 3% of participating companies within a specific country or territory that has obtained the best results in the parameters that the company evaluates annually.

Some of the factors that Google takes into account for the Google Partner Premium certification are focused on:

  • Growth of the client portfolio: According to Google, under this factor the ability of partners to attract new customers and help those who already tend to prosper is evaluated. In addition, the company measures this performance based on year-over-year growth in ad spend and initial ad spend for customers using Google Ads for the first time.
  • Client retention: At this point, Google examines the demonstrated ability of customers to maintain their company’s business. The company measures all that performance with the percentage of clients that the agencies have retained compared to the numbers recorded the previous year.
  • Product diversification: Demonstrated spend is tracked across a mix of formats: measured as percentage spend on Display, Apps, Video, and Shopping each calendar year.
  • Annual advertising investment: Here special focus is made on investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform. The company measures the performance of the agencies in this regard with the investment in all accounts managed each calendar year.
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It’s important to note that in order to determine if a company qualifies to become a Premier Partner, Google takes into account the performance of other companies in the same country. The evaluation made by the technology giant is approximate, since it can vary depending on the country and is done once a year.

“Congratulations to our Premier Partners for being part of the top 3% of Google partners with the best performance in Spain. These companies stand out from the rest for their commitment to thoroughly understanding the products they offer, fostering relationships with new customers, and helping existing ones grow their businesses. We want to offer them our support so that they continue to drive the success of their online customers”says Davang Shah, senior director of the Google Ads Marketing team.

Spanish agencies Google Partner Premier 2022

Like the internet giant has not published an official list of all the premier partner agencies 2022, we have carried out a organic search in Google to identify all those spanish agencies that have release officially this distinction. In total we count 50, but we leave the list open. Therefore, if you have received this distinction, or know a premier 2022 partner company, you can leave us a comment at the end of the note so that we can expand the list 😉

These are (so far) the distinguished Spanish agencies, in alphabetical order:

  • Adgorithm
  • Adsmurai
  • AlGenius
  • Alchemy
  • Apache Digital
  • BeeDigital
  • clickage
  • ClickOnline
  • Clicksem
  • cyberclick
  • dark-moon
  • Study34
  • Idento
  • The modern
  • The Teva Website
  • Lin3s
  • Lift Group
  • Llorella&Co
  • Marketing 360
  • Market Inhouse
  • MarketiNet
  • MakingScience
  • Myogroup
  • multi conversion
  • neoattack
  • Novologic
  • okisam
  • Optima Nova
  • Oscar Abad
  • Paid Strategy
  • polyhedral
  • Digital Rocket
  • redback
  • T2o
  • Live! Conversion
  • Vivimaketing
  • Wanatop
  • webimpact
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