Guide to avoid blocking your bank account on April 30: the DNI may be insufficient

There is less left for Spanish banks to comply with the demands of the . As soon as the month of April ends, all financial institutions must have their clients identified, via DNI and other documents that will be specified below. Otherwise, they will have to block their accounts. Here is a concise guide on how to avoid bank account blocking.

As published by the EFE agency, the banks have been contacting their clients for months to resolve this request and have intensified this task in the last two months by sending letters, SMS, emails and telephone calls. In their communications, they require the client to urgently send a copy of the identification document (DNI, residence card, passport or document from the country of origin) -a photocopy is not enough- and, in some cases, a copy of proof of economic or professional activity, be it payroll, payment of social security or VAT.

BBVA explains extensively on its website the requirements to avoid blocking the account:

-Official identification document: National Identity Document (DNI), Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) or passport. These documents will be the minimum required by your bank.

-Declaration of Economic Activity (DAE). Document that must be completed and signed by the client where their statements regarding their economic activity are collected. Depending on the entity, it can be delivered at the office or through the entity’s website.

-Document proving economic or professional activity. Depending on the type of client or activity, one or another of the following must be delivered:

-Current payroll receipt (maximum age of 3 months).
-Certificate of employment relationship issued by the employer.
-Certificate of assets, pension or subsidy.
-Personal income tax return for the last financial year.
-Current employment contract.
-Declaration of the Census of Tax Obligations (form 036).
-Registration of activity in the Treasury (Tax License).
-Last quarterly or annual declaration of VAT or personal income tax withholdings.
-Last receipt from the professional association.
-Social Security receipt in the self-employed regime (maximum age of 3 months).

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“As stated in the regulations, if we do not have it available before April 30, we will be forced to automatically block your accounts and even cancel the business relationship,” is the warning that a financial institution sent by mail at the beginning of this month. “Even in the future, under the provisions of the law itself, we would be forced to end the business relationship with you, which we do not want,” reads the letter sent by another entity. Some banks even set a date before April 30 as a limit, with the threat of blocking operations such as the payment of a check or cash deposit, with the aim of speeding up the process as much as possible.

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