Hawkers signs Messi to launch his own sunglasses collection

In the middle of the preseason, and with all the great teams in the world waiting to get the services of the biggest soccer stars, hawkers he has achieved the signing of the summer: putting his glasses on one of the greatest references in world sport. From today, Leo Messi joins the Spanish sunglasses brand and launches his own collection.

Hawkers signs Messi and launches a special campaign

For the campaign of this collaboration, Hawkers, again, does not leave its public indifferent. The brand has made a fashion film in which he has used innovative production effects, trending in today’s Streetwear videos, orchestrated to the beat of the trap artist’s music kidd keo With a song Composed especially for this participation.

Leo Messi has highlighted that “From the first moment we met Hawkers, we already identified that certain values ​​united us. I hope that the project we have started will be to the liking of all our followers, because they are our inspiration when designing the collection and the creative pieces”.

is made up of nine new models manufactured with the materials from the new generation of Hawkers. Swiss TR 90, and high-quality polymer that provides lightness, elasticity and that fuses the Street and Sportswear style designed especially for Leo.

Of the nine models of the collection, Hawkers and Leo Messi have opted for a different business vertical and have not wanted to forget the smallest fans. The limited edition includes three styles for childrenthree new style models ‘Warwick Classic‘ and three models from the collection ONE’. All of them with a modern style and with colors and prints adapted to the latest trends.

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Leo Messi’s collection for Hawkers are available on his website and glasses can be purchased for €35.

Alex MorenoCo-founder and CEO of the Hawkers Group, says: “At Hawkers we aspire to excellence, signing with the best player in history and Leo Messi bets on the company that is changing the ecommerce industry, to take its brand to another level from the internet”

David Morenoco-founder of the company has highlighted that “Hawkers and Leo Messi share the same values. If Messi has come so far, it’s because he believes in himself, because he works hard and gets up again and again”. “At Hawkers we have always had that warrior spirit that has made us believe that anything is possible. Working with the greatest is always on our horizon, and allows us to learn and be better and better. Although we always wanted to have Messi playing in the parties that we do on Tuesdays in the company… this alliance is the closest thing to the dream of playing with Leo that we have been able to achieve “, Moreno adds.

“When we started this adventure 4 years ago, we dreamed of making our own movie, of course being the actors (laughs)… and for this reason, we work with the philosophy that each action and each decision is cool enough to appear in it. Messi is a luxury for someone like Hawkers, a great leap to continue revolutionizing an entire industry, and a new excuse to talk to Netflix.” jokes Partner and CEO of the Hawkers Group.

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