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Currently, there is a wide variety of types of that explore from the front of the user experience, to the sectors of each business. This allows marketing teams to generate more specific strategies to specifically work on the aspects that need more attention in their business model.

However, this same diversity can present a problem for marketing teams, by neglecting other areas of the business. The holistic marketing is proposed as a solution to this inconvenience, by offering a more complete perspective on business marketing management.

What is holistic marketing

Philip Kotlerknown as the father of modern marketing, defines holistic marketing as «the development, design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize the breadth and interdependence of today’s marketing environment«. Starting from this definition, we can understand that this marketing model supposes a strategy focused primarily on strengthening all fronts of a business. That is, a marketing model that encompasses the different relationships that exist between the teams of a company and its processes.

This model presents three main lines of work:

  • The management of a common goal so that the business as a whole can focus on providing the best possible user experience.
  • The work from aligned activities that serve as a guide so that all processes, communications and commercial activities within the company move towards this common goal.
  • The work of integrated activities, implying that all activities must be designed and created in order to offer a consistent and unified experience to consumers.

That said, we can see that this type of marketing demands great teamwork, where all the teams that make life within the company join. All this to promote more efficient business performance, avoiding leaving any aspect of the company aside. For this reason, it is also known as 360°marketing, since it covers the entire environment of a company.

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To achieve this goal, holistic marketing is built on 4 basic elements: internal marketing, integrated marketing, relational marketing Y performance marketing.

internal marketing

Internal marketing is aimed at the internal part of a company, that is, its employees. In this way, search create a work culture where the management or performance of the campaigns is not the exclusive responsibility of the marketing teams, but of all the teams that take part within the business. Thus, the company is able to offer a more unified vision of itself and provide a more complete and comprehensive care.

In order to create this culture within the company, training and motivation strategies are used, such as conferences and training activities. team building. Various incentives can even be incorporated, which will help create a more comfortable work environment for employees, which will result in more efficient management. This process also aligns with trends in value addedwhere the company seeks to connect with its consumers through its own ideals.

integrated marketing

Responsible for presenting a unified message on all channels of the company. Thus, it ensures that each channel is optimized and can communicate the objective message to consumers, adapting to the characteristics of each one.

In order to correctly implement integrated marketing, it is necessary to fully understand our target audience, in order to make sense of the efforts made by the different channels. The development of integrated marketing starts from thebecause after having the base of the public, it only remains to define what product to sell, its price and, how to promote and distribute it.

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Relational marketing

This element has as its focus point the building long and strong relationships, which allow to promote a loyalty line. But this is not only for customers, but also for other economic and logistical agents that are relevant for the proper functioning of the company. Thus, relationship marketing is presented as one of the most important elements in the face of long-term growth, since solid relationships will serve as the foundation for such development.

performance marketing

Finally, something to take into account and that must be followed carefully is the performance or productivity of the different campaigns and strategies used by a company. Since by analyzing and understanding these factors, it is possible determine work areas that need more attention. Likewise, it allows us to understand the internal and external acceptance that they are having, which allows us to get an idea of ​​the satisfaction achieved.

In this way, through performance marketing and the different tools used for evaluation, it is possible for the company to have a Greater control of the development of your campaigns and strategies. In addition to offering the opportunity to generate strategic changes in them, in order to maintain positive growth.

Why is holistic marketing important?

The consumer or user will always be one of the most important aspects for any business, since without him there would be no one to sell to. For this reason, guaranteeing the best possible experience for them is a necessity that every business must carefully attend to. Holistic marketing, by comprehensively encompassing the different teams and processes within a company, offers the possibility of optimize the user experience from all fronts involved. Going from the same consumer, to the payment platforms and service teams within the company.

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In this way, it guarantees a more efficient growth strategy for companies, in which no element is left out. Unlike what could happen with more specific marketing strategies, which are dedicated to addressing specific situations, elements and sectors, without taking into account the rest of the business.


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