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Ninth analysis of the WordPress hosting comparison, in which we analyze the provider Arsys, with its Advanced Hosting plan.

Both in this analysis, and in the rest of the , we have analyzed seven basic sections:

  1. contracted plan: Characteristics of it by choosing a basic plan that allows working with WordPress.
  2. Recruitment process: We look at complexity, the information we receive, and payment options.
  3. Information process after purchase: We have already paid and we analyze what information is received as well as if it makes life easier (or complicates it for us).
  4. WordPress installation: We use the automated installer and see what they install for us and the pros and cons.
  5. Tests and tests: Using different services we know the speed and security.
  6. Technical support: We create different bugs and analyze the time and quality of the response.
  7. Return: Some hostings have a satisfaction guarantee or similar, we value the ease or difficulty of their processing.

In each of these sections we have evaluated different variables, scoring from 1 to 3, according to the following criteria:

  • 1 point: It can be better
  • 2 points: Correct
  • 3 points: Okay

This analysis does not have any affiliate links (in fact it does not even have links) and has been done without any notice to the provider. You have simply proceeded to buy a shared domain and hosting plan and analyze it.

contracted plan

The chosen plan is Advanced Linux Hosting. The price for the first year is excellent, but you have to take into account the renewal price is much higher.

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Name Advanced Hosting Minimum period Monthly 3 Annual plan (without VAT) €48 (€178.80 the second year) 1 Minimum cost (without VAT) €4 1 Own Management Panel. Limited 2 Uptime (online time) Guaranteed Does not indicate it 1 SSL Basic SSL Certificate included 3 Database 10 3 Email Accounts 60 * 6GB 3 Storage Space 60GB 3 Monthly Transfer Unlimited Traffic 3 Data Center Spain 3 Daily Backups 3 PHP 7.2 3 Extras / Problems Simple hosting does not have subdomains and that is why we chose Advanced. 1 Overall 33/42

Hiring Process

That they give you the domain with a monthly contract is a pretty strong bet and is appreciated.

In the contracting process, the subscription to the newsletter is checked by default, when it should be unchecked.

Also note that the payment gateway does not show confirmation and is a bit confusing, but the activation of the domain is immediate.

Hiring time 5 minutes 3 Steps in the purchase process 6 3 Does it allow an external domain? YES 3 Does it include domain? Yes 3 Price of .com €10 2 Registered ICANN YES 3 Payment Options Card, Transfer 2 30-day money-back guarantee 3 Total 23/24

Information process after purchase

Clear and complete. DNS propagation takes just a few minutes and we can start installing WordPress.

Basic Registration Email. Panel link only 2 FTP Data No 2 Process to create an Easy email 3 Invoice YES 3 Immediate DNS Propagation 3 Total 13/15

WordPress installation in Arsys

The absence of a WordPress installer is a lack to attract projects in which the client does not have a certain level of knowledge of control panels.

Process They do not have an installer. It is done manually 1 Version 1 Personalization 1 SSL 3 Speed ​​when updating Acceptable 3 Maximum file upload size 32MB 2 Problems / Extras – Error when installing test content. Many limitations to import content or upload files + Varnish Caché 1 Total 12/21

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Tests and tests

Once the demo content was installed, WordPress updated and the Twenty Nineteen theme activated, we analyzed its performance.

In the tests carried out using different tools, the site works correctly also with recurring users, here the data:

GT Metrix 93% – 74% – 2.4s 2 ByteCherck First byte: 1170 ms 2 PageSpeed ​​Desktop: 99 Mobile: 100 3 Pingdom 81 points – 707ms 2 Load Impact with 24 users Response time 68ms Load 9.4s 2 Sucuri Medium Risk 2 WebPageTest Notes AAAAF Load time 1.231s First Byte 0.375s 2 Total 12/21

Technical support

We are very happy to see that all tickets are answered successfully, and within a reasonable time, with a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 4 and a half hours.

Error Resolution Time Response Error 404 of not saving permalinks Wednesday afternoon 2 hours 23 minutes Success – Accurate response 3 Error 500 (hitting htaccess) Friday morning 1 hour 21 minutes Success – Correct solution 3 Error wp-login.php Saturday in the morning 5 minutes Success – Accurate response and instructions to solve it 3 Syntax error by touching a plugin Sunday at 9:00 p.m. 4 hours 25 minutes Success – They do not leave the web operational but indicate which plugin generates the error. 3 Overall 12/12


Arsys offers 30 days for returns. The process is easy, simple and hassle-free.

Concept to be measured Maximum Result 9 points Time 2 hours 10 minutes 3 Satisfactory Process 3 OK Result 3 Total 9 Points


The very attractive price for the first year and the solvency of Arsys make it ideal for testing a project if we have enough knowledge of installing WordPress manually.

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Concept Score Contracted Plan 33/42 Contracting Process 23/24 Information process after purchase 13/15 WordPress Installation 12/21 Test and Test 12/21 Technical Support 12/12 Return 9/9 Total 113/144

Note: 7.78 out of 10

If you detect any error in this analysis, or if any of this data has changed since we carried it out, you can communicate it through , and we will review it as soon as we can. Thanks for your help!

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