How Daka online sports store increased results by personalizing the web experience

Due to the numerous needs of the market, those that we can find in the online ecosystem are so multiple and varied that it would be extremely difficult for us to enumerate them all. eCommerce of services, eCommerce of contents, eCommerce of products, etc. However, what we do have much clearer is that there is a common factor to all successful online stores, regardless of the type of business they are engaged in: the importance of the user experience when visiting your website.

This is precisely what happened to sporting goods eCommerce, which, at the moment when it began to realize that a personalized experience was important to improve the satisfaction of its customers (increasing its income at the same time), decided launch its transformation process, in which it played an important role.

Daka Sport: the sports eCommerce that prioritized the personalized shopping experience

Today, the sportswear retailer of Dutch origin Daka Sport It has 14 physical stores throughout the country and an eCommerce that, little by little, has become one of the best-known online sports stores in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of sports equipment and clothing.

Daka Sport, in collaboration with Retail Rocket, undertook a process of transforming its website in which it gave high priority to personalized shopping experience for users who, day after day, are faithful to your brand by browsing its sections, and, of course, also for new potential customers likely to finalize a sale on your channel.

How did Retail Rocket help to personalize the Daka Sport website?

Based on the behavior of users browsing the web, as well as analyzing the retailer’s database, Retail Rocket carried out a effectiveness study using a trying to discover how the implementation of different algorithms influenced the final conversion that customers made in eCommerce, increasing the orders and the level of income of each one of them.

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After the study, the first point they decided to implement was the appearance of products recommended to the user in each of its sections, allowing their customers to also contemplate the purchase of similar products and related items according to the product they were viewing at that time.

In addition, looking for an original touch to these recommendations, Retail Rocket implemented different motivational headings to the lists, in the style of «customers who viewed this also viewed…” either “Other customers also bought…«. In this way, they managed encourage purchase and increase andaverage order value to customers, offering them new products that they may need and didn’t know yet.

So, thanks to its A/B test, Retail Rocket was able to compare the effectiveness of its method compared to the traditional experience that, until then, had been implemented in Daka Sport: the users of the product page were randomly divided into three groups.

The first group was shown similar products based on the properties of the product you were looking at at that time, such as price, brand or category, as well as collaborative filtering.

The second group was shown similar products and related products, the first located at the top and the second at the bottom, based on the product the user was viewing at the time.

And, finally, in the third group there was no type of recommendation.

The results obtained after a period of experimentation showed that Daka Sport benefited to a greater extent by showing recommendations of similar products on its website while the customer made other purchases. In this way, average orders increased 4.3% and revenue grew 4.5%.

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Recommendations on the shopping cart page

But, in addition, Retail Rocket observed that it would also be interesting if, once the user was on the shopping cart page, they were shown products that complement the items they had already selected, so they carried out a second test A /B, testing with three different algorithms from related products, looking for the most optimal implementation.

The first group was shown, on the cart page, different products related to your purchase:

As for the second group, they showed related products, but from different categories to those that had been added to the cart:

The third group was exposed to associative connections where related and connected products were recommended each:

And finally, the control group that did not see any recommendations.

Once the test period applied by Retail Rocket was over, the conclusions were immediate: the option applied to the third group, based on associative connections, improved the by 11.3%, which achieved a statistical significance of 94.1%. In addition, the online store increased its income by nothing more and nothing less than 8.6%.

The summary of all this is that, thanks to , like Retail Rocket, the user’s shopping experience when browsing the web becomes as important for companies like Daka Sport as the increase in revenue itself. “Thanks to the help of Retail Rocket, we have been able to personalize the website even more. Thanks to different tests, Retail Rocket proves that personalized recommendations guarantee a higher conversion rate and order value. The average number of items per order, in which Retail Rocket participates, has increased by more than 50%”, explained to Richard Schenderling, E-Commerce Manager of Daka Sport.

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