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Mifarma evolved its brand and changed its domain from to This transition caught our attention so much that we needed them to tell us how they did it. Not only at the brand level, but at the technology level: moving the entire catalog, the email database, the URLs…How to rebrand a leading category brand!

We interview Javier de la Rosa, co-founder of Mifarma and currently director of eCommerce at Atida for southern Europe, to tell us all about this transition. Do not miss it!

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Interview with Javier de la Rosa

5:31 Ecofarma is the evolution of an offline pharmacy to an online one. How was that expansion process?

It was all very fast and with a lot of work. We had to stop to analyze everything that was happening. A lot has changed, before we did everything ourselves and now we have a warehouse and several people working. At that time we had to learn everything from scratch, such as accounting, define many processes and control the monitoring and storage.

See what products they are going to ask you for and demand, with all those that are in a pharmacy. Our objective from the beginning is to sell everything, that on the web you could find all the pharmacy brands. We want to have everything the client needs, but that means having all those products and their descriptions on the web.

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In the second year ce started billing €700,000, more than in the physical store. There we began to see that we had to invest in eCommerce and we jumped headlong.

12:08 In 2021, this process of conquering the European market took a new step forward with the creation of the Mifarma by Atida Plus brand. How did this transformation process take place?

Our idea was not to seek financing because our project was self-sustaining, but seeing the interests in the different funds, we saw an opportunity for growth. Atida seeks to be the largest health system. We started as an eCommerce but in the medium term we want to add new services related to health.

We want to become not only an eCommerce where you can find everything you need in pharmacy products, but also a health center where we can help and provide all the personalized information that the customer needs. We are still developing the services that we are going to provide, where we are going to go, how we are going to develop it…. Much remains to be defined.

The The process of change entails transforming all corporate colors, communication with clients, logos, mailing… A general change of the brand that we are still developing. I was very worried about the name change, because we already have a position with Mifarma, people already look for us directly by our name, but the change is a necessary process.

Atida in Spain has about 200 workers, who work on everything related to eCommerce in Spain and Portugal, and at a European level, we have a team of 50 people in Amsterdam, but we must add the rest of eCommerce that have joined where each one has your own team and management.

23:20 With what billing did you close 2021? And conversion rate?

We have the 2020 one, we closed with €73 million, it was greatly influenced by the pandemic. We have not yet closed the billing for 2021 but it is sure to be higher than for 2020. As for the conversion rate, we are around 3-4%.

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33:40 How did you work the change of domain in organic positioning?

We did tests in Portugal because that is where we had the least volume. We have worked a lot on making all URLs have a reflection on the new page with the lowest number of redirections to other pages that had nothing to do with the original.

Has been created many new URLs and landings to match them and have as little impact as possible, and even so, it is a change of name and search conceptin addition to changing the URL because they are not the same as the previous domain.

We saw the first days an impact but after 2 weeks an improvement in traffic is being noticed. At this pace we would be on par with how we were before. I expected before that it would have a worse impact but it shows the great work we had previously and the map of redirections.

We have an internal SEO team on the team and we have an external agency to be able to make a perfect migration. 98% of the URLs that existed before have an equivalent, with optimized content. We have spent a lot of time trying not to lose that relevance that we had with Google. The objective is to continue generating content and working on the product sheets, categories and paying close attention to everything we have new. Boosting with organic traffic and making us grow more.

42:10 Did you notice complaints in the RRSS about the change of brand?

No, I think it is a process that has been done little by little, changing the design in RRSS, making an announcement, progressively changing the logo, the texts, the colors…Users have seen the progressive work so that it was not such a big impact. With the work we have done in recent months there have only been occasional oversights by users.

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We also have a customer service that resolves doubts in case someone wants to confirm that it is us. We have been working on how to create the content and what we want to transmit for a long time, there is no change from one day to the next.

47:00 What are your challenges for 2022?

We have changed the platform, we are fixing those fringes that remain and soon important changes will be seen on the web. The objective is to add more services and have more advantages for being a registered user in Atida. Other eCommerce from other countries such as Italy or , will also join the website, making the same platform work throughout Europe.

We also want to work on our own brand, for the year we want to launch 600 more own brand products and it is working very well. Integration at a European level is a challenge and it is going to be a very interesting year for Atida.

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