How to request the Minimum Vital Income to Social Security and how much you can collect

The number of people who receive the Minimum Vital Income in Spain continues its upward trend, since it is very close to reaching 1.2 million inhabitants. After two years of life, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who could be beneficiaries of the benefit and do not know it, so it is extremely useful to know how you can apply to Social Security.

The agency has explained in the account of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration that there are several ways to request the collection of the Minimum Vital Income. Any of them is equally valid for aspiring beneficiaries.

Social Security ensures that the application for the Minimum Vital Income can be made with the possession of a digital certificate () or Cl@ve () through this .

Similarly, the agency reports that, if you do not have any of the above access methods, there is also the option of using the Minimum Vital Income paperwork service enabled by Social Security.

Regardless of the method chosen, the person who wants to request the Minimum Vital Income must comply with two formal obligations (apart from the requirements that are requested for the payment of the benefit): fill out the IMV application form and attach all the information necessary to prove that the required conditions are met.

the Social Security explains that the applicant for the benefit must have their personal data at hand (name, surnames, DNI or NIE, bank details, contact details…), provide a valid email address, a photograph and two Photocopies of the DNI on both sides to prove your identity.

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What documentation do you need to request the Minimum Vital Income?

Along with this, the documentation that, by virtue of your situation, may be necessary to prove certain conditions that make you a beneficiary of the benefit. This documentation may be different in each specific case, but there is certain basic documentation, as detailed by Social Security:

-The DNI or NIE to prove the identity of the applicant.

-Registration in the central registry of foreigners, the residence card of a family member of a citizen of the European Union (EU) or the foreigner identity card to prove legal residence in Spain.

-The certificate of registration of all the people of the domicile to prove the domicile, in addition to the date of seniority.

-The family book, the birth certificate of the children in the civil registry or the registration in the registry of de facto couples to prove the unit of coexistence.

In the case of doubts, the Social Security what should be the documentation to attach in each specific case. You can also use the Minimum Vital Income simulator to find out if you can collect the benefit and, in addition, the mobile phone number 900 20 22 22 offers information on the procedures related to the IMV.

These are the new amounts of the Minimum Vital Income

The Minimum Vital Income is a guaranteed income based on the type of cohabitation unit to which it belongs. It is compatible with a salary, a pension, a subsidy… as long as the amount does not exceed the guaranteed income. In cases of compatibility with more income, the amount will be the difference between the income received and the guaranteed income.

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On a temporary basis, the Government approved a 15% increase in the guaranteed amount of the Minimum Vital Income for each cohabitation unit due to the price rise crisis deepened by the war in Ukraine. An increase that, if you also receive the child support supplement, is applied to that total amount. For the moment, and pending new measures, the amounts will be increased until June, inclusive, and are as follows:

-Coexistence units for an adult: 565.28 euros per month.

-Units of coexistence of an adult and a minor: 859.33 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of one adult and two minors: 1,028.87 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of one adult and three or more minors: 1,198.56 euros per month.

-Coexistence units for two adults: 734.97 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of two adults and one minor: 904.51 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of two adults and two minors: 1,074.20 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of two adults and three or more minors: 1,243.74 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of three adults: 904.51 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of three adults and one minor: 1,074.20 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of three adults and two or more minors: 1,243.74 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of four adults: 1,074.20 euros per month.

-Coexistence units of four adults and one minor: 1,243.74 euros per month.

-Rest of cohabitation units: 1,243.74 euros per month.

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