How to resume the payment of unemployment or a subsidy: this is the SEPE method

On some occasions, citizens who receive an unemployment benefit can suspend it to later collect the remaining time. It can only happen when certain circumstances occur and in these cases the citizen has to do it respecting a very specific period and procedure.

As the SEPE explains on its website, the citizen has a period of 15 working days from the end of the cause for which the suspension of the benefit was requested. At the time of requesting this resumption, the citizen must be registered as a job seeker () and have recovered the activity commitment with the SEPE.

The body contemplates two ways to request the resumption of a strike or an unemployment subsidy: through the Electronic Office of the SEPE or in a visit to one of the dependencies of the SEPE itself, in person.

To resume the service at the SEPE Electronic Headquarters, the citizen must have a digital certificate (), Cl@ve PIN () or electronic DNI. If the citizen is in possession of any of these methods, he can carry out the procedure in the Persons section, where he must choose the option ‘Application for benefits’.

To carry out the procedure in person, it is essential to make an appointment to be seen at a SEPE office. This can be done through the Electronic Office (without the need for a digital certificate or Cl@ve) or by calling 91 273 83 84 for 24-hour service. You can find out all the details to request an appointment in either of the two ways.

When can unemployment or a subsidy be resumed?

To request the resumption of unemployment or a subsidy, obviously a previous suspension must be given. What are those cases in which the citizen has the right to suspend his benefit and collect it later:

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-The transfer of residence abroad after requesting it from the SEPE and with the authorization of the body for a period of less than 12 months and for “searching for or carrying out work, professional improvement or international cooperation”.

-The stay abroad for a maximum period of 90 days each year, although with authorization from the SEPE.

– Situations of maternity or paternity.

-Compliance with a custodial sentence.

-The performance of a job for others for less than 12 months.

-The performance of self-employment for less than 24 months (regardless of whether they have been registered in any of the Social Security schemes) or more than 24 months and less than 59 months if the citizen is registered in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers or in the Special Scheme for Sea Workers.

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