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Now developers will be able to internationalize their digital marketing through Huawei Ads Joining IAB Europe CP List. The company announced its inclusion as a Consent Management Platform (CMP ID: 386), after its registration as a global vendor (vendor ID 856), which represents a key step in its commitment to standardizing the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

Huawei Ads joined the IAB Europe CMP list

With its approval as a CMP, it now became the first Chinese advertising platform capable of offering CMP services in the market outside its country, since it integrates international standards, especially the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

With this integration, the company has improved the performance of its advertising services, boosting operational efficiency and promoting the healthy development of the advertising industry. From now on, Huawei will integrate the CMP into its own advertising media, i.e. its apps, gradually opening it up to its partners.

What are consent platforms or CMPs and how do they help users and advertisers?

A consent platform, known as CMP (Consent Management Platform) allows the creation of a personalized cookie usage notice for websiteswhich increases transparency with users, respecting data protection laws.

Namely, Through the CMP, websites can automatically manage user consent on the use of cookies and data marketingguaranteeing that the decision of each one of them is respected, that they will be able to maintain control over their preferences, and know that their data will only be used for the agreed purposes.

Basically, a CMP should be able to:

  • Show pop ups and consent widgets for users.
  • Collect and store information about user consent decisions, keeping track of changes.
  • Collect and manage user requests.
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In this case, IAB Europe, the association that brings together the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem at European level has launched the Transparency and Consent Framework, designed to simplify the consent management process, strengthen industry collaboration around standards, regulate data usage permissions, and help all parties – publishers, ad platforms, third-party data and users – better comply with the EU ePrivacy Directive and the .

Meet privacy and security requirements by passing checks

To become a registered provider of the TCF, companies must ensure that their activities meet privacy and security requirements and pass IAB compliance checks.

For Huawei Ads, adhering to this framework is an important step for its integration into the European advertising ecosystem, since advertisers will have the possibility to make personalized recommendations through Huawei’s own means such as Browser or Assistant Today instead of offering advertising. general.

For their part, publishers will be able to obtain higher monetization benefits under compliance, while consumer privacy will be properly protected.

Huawei Ads has managed to expand its business worldwide, reaching more than 170 countries and regions. As of December 31, 2021, the number of monthly active Huawei device users in the world exceeded 730 million, while Huawei Ads has been integrated into more than 36,000 third-party applications worldwide.

Now, after becoming a registered consent management platform under the IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework, Huawei will be able to help developers enter new global markets quickly and easily, reduce language and cultural barriers, and adapt to the advertiser’s requirements.

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