Income 2018 | How should I declare the rent? What boxes to fill in? Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, these are the steps to follow

More and more people decide to live for rent, either by choice or by obligation, and more and more owners are renting their homes looking for an attractive return. Precisely for this reason and knowing that the rent in the 2018 Income Tax return has a specific weight, we remind you of the steps to follow. .

But what boxes do I have to fill in? Well, if you are the tenant and want to declare the rent you pay on this declaration, you should pay close attention to box 0719 and adjacent ones. On the other hand, if you are the landlord, the box that interests you when declaring the apartment you have for rent in this 2018 Income is number 0063. We will explain it to you step by step.

Steps to declare the rent in the 2018 Income Tax if you are the landlord

If you have a rental home, as soon as you enter your tax return, it will appear in the data transfer part about the property before making the rent. Once all the data is transferred, it will enter fully into the declaration. But the data you transfer is not final, so you can always modify it.

Then, depending on the steps to follow and the Legal Office, you must go to page 5 of the declaration (income from real estate capital). Next, you must go to box 0063 to fill in the data.

1. You must indicate if you are the owner and/or usufructuary, and the percentage in each case.

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2. Then you must indicate the nature of the property, whether it is urban or rustic.

3. The other box to fill in is the use or destination box and several options appear: if it is for lease, or if it is available to its owners, etc.

The explanation of each key can be read carefully in .

Another box to fill in is the situation:

Then you must fill in the cadastral reference of the property and the address.

If you put that the property is leased (use 1), this screen will appear.

At this point you must complete the type of lease for the purpose of the reduction. Treasury, following the General Directorate of Taxes, already places the rental of seasonal homes (such as tourist flats) outside the scope of the reduction.

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You must then complete the following boxes. First income and then expenses. Some are filled in automatically, such as the net return and the 60% reduction.

If you make it available to your holders (use 2), this screen appears:

If you put into use lease and available to its owners, the two options are activated to fill in data (that of properties available to their owners and that of leased properties):

If you enter use 4 (leasing as an accessory property), you can only fill in the address of the property. This is the case, for example, of a joint rental of housing and garage, without differentiating price. The apartment is entered as a leased dwelling, and the garage as an accessory property, without entering the rent collected because it is already included in the rent of the dwelling.

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In case you have made use 5 (available to its owners and leased as an accessory property), only the address of the property will be activated, and the option of properties available to its owners, so that you can indicate the days that the property has been owned. accessory at your disposal, and thus impute income.

If you select use 6 (housing in case of separation and divorce), the address of the property is activated, and the option to put the NIF of the ex-spouse and if he resides abroad.

Steps to declare the rent in the 2018 Income Tax if you are a tenant

In case you want to apply the state deduction for housing rental, you must go to Annex A.1 (III) of the declaration. It is for contracts signed before 2015. It is currently suppressed, except for these contracts, and with the tax base limit. If you have any doubts .

If you click on box 0719, the following appears:

You must write the amount paid during 2017 and the NIF of the landlord.

On the other hand, there are regional deductions. For example, in the Valencian Community there is a deduction for renting a habitual residence and the box is 1095:

If we click on this box, the following appears:

In the key box the following menu is displayed.

After following these steps, the landlord and the tenant will have correctly declared the rent in this year’s Income Tax return.

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