Innovative products: 15 options that you can sell on the internet

Do you want to have an extra income without investing a lot of time? Resort to the sale of innovative productswhich are those options that advance with technology and are full of creativity to solve consumer problems, is one of the best ways to create a community and boost your sales in your online store.

the sale of innovative products It is one of the best alternatives to position yourself in a highly competitive market. Especially if you are looking to work from home, start a business or add income to your monthly finances. Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you manage to identify what you can offer that is different and attractive for your market niche.

Now, throughout this article, you will get the best ideas, as well as the main characteristics that you must take into account when choosing the product – or products – that you want to sell. Let us begin! πŸš€

What are innovative products?

The innovative products or services they are those who advance as technology and science progress. They are full of creativity and, of course, they seek to provide a better solution to something previously existing.

These products are available both physically and digitally and become extremely attractive, both for companies and for consumers who want to acquire new alternatives for their lives or make their daily dynamics more efficient.

Characteristics of an innovative product

Before choosing a single alternative, it is important that you take the time to identify what characterizes the New products and different. This will allow you to evaluate which one you accommodate or identify with the most, something fundamental at the time of .

  1. It is easy to use.
  2. Enhance or complement an existing product.
  3. It is compatible with the lifestyle of the consumer.
  4. It offers an improvement in the life of the client.
  5. Arouse interest through the benefits it offers.

It should be noted here that if the product does not click on you, it is likely that this is the message that you transmit to the consumer and, unfortunately, the result will not be encouraging. To avoid this, below I reveal the features that will help your product stand out from other similar ones.

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1. It is easy to use

When a product is complex to use, no matter how innovative and attractive it may be, it can generate a certain degree of rejection in the consumer. Maybe in the end you decide to buy it, but the buying process can be longer.

2. Enhance or complement an existing product

“If I already have one, why would I want another?” That is one of the most common questions that many people ask themselves, that’s why the key is to identify what makes it interesting, different and indispensable.

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3. It is compatible with the consumer’s lifestyle

You must rely on a that allows you to know the routines of the consumer you want to address. In this way you can ensure that the interest on the part of it will be present.

4. Offers an improvement in the customer’s life

It can range from the simplest to the most complex. For example, concentrating all the information in one place, streamlining a process or granting some type of metric with a specific objective. The important thing is to simplify the life of those who acquire simple innovative products.

5. Arouse interest through the benefits it offers

Arousing interest not only helps a specific person to acquire your product, but also to recommend it to their close environment. Without a doubt, a great opportunity.

How to create innovative products in 2022?

Having clear the characteristics and taking into account that you need to carry out a market study, it is time for you to know the following steps. These same They will allow you to create products capable of satisfying the needs of your target audience.

  1. Create a business model.
  2. Make a prototype.
  3. Work on a marketing plan.

1. Create a business model

Imagine that you have already defined the product you want to launch on the market. What are your distribution channels going to be? Will it be through or physical? Are you going to need specific suppliers? Are these in the same city? What communication channels will work best for you? innovator item?

2. Carry out a prototype

Part of the innovation and creativity process is focused on carrying out the prototype of your product. That is, in develop a test version.

Thanks to it, you will evaluate how functional it is, what the consumer’s response is and, not least, you will receive comments that can help you make any improvements.

3. Work out a marketing plan

Today it must go hand in hand with a good digital marketing strategy. With her it will be possible to enhance the benefits of the productbut you will also collect valuable information about the first impressions or the behaviors behind a new purchase.

All of this effort will result in a release that you need to prepare for. Because what if your innovative products they come onto the market and are a success, but you don’t have enough stock? Remember that every detail counts and a good impression is long lasting.

15 innovative products to sell in 2022

Inspiration doesn’t come alone, it comes while you work. If you have been devising an innovative product for some time, here are some ideas that other entrepreneurs have developed and have been a complete success:

  1. Portable desk made of cardboard
  2. Digital font identifier
  3. 5 size sandals
  4. Solar incubator for newborns
  5. alarm + coffee maker
  6. digital gluten detector
  7. Bicycle with integrated backpack
  8. Toaster that cleans your smartphone
  9. Medications at home
  10. bed organizer
  11. smart muzzle
  12. office shoes
  13. homeless dog beds
  14. ice cream that doesn’t melt
  15. Ice drink included
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1. Laptop desk made of cardboard

With the situation that we have experienced in the last two years, it became clear that many of us needed a space to convert into an office, but without spending more.

Refold it became an excellent alternative with only 6 kilos of weight. In addition, it adapts perfectly to the particular needs of the user because you can manipulate the height while sitting or standing. And, what is the best? It only takes two minutes to assemble.

2. Digital font identifier

For those who work in an advertising agency as a designer or copywriter this gadget is the best alternative to identify any typography in the world. Spector It allows to break the barrier between the analog and the digital world with the ability to throw any printed typography to later translate it into digital.

3. 5 size sandals

A sustainable and economical way to buy shoes. The shoe that grows It is an invention that was born to help impoverished communities around the world, since a single sandal is capable of expanding up to five sizes. And that’s not all, It offers an approximate durability of five years.

4. Solar incubator for newborns

Like the previous idea, this innovative product arises from a latent need in Africa. The suncubator It is an incubator-style bed that absorbs sunlight during the day so that a newborn is warm enough to rest at night.

An ideal alternative that helps those moms who are looking for economic alternatives and at the same time take care of the planet.

5. Alarm + coffee maker

Who would not like to wake up and have a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee next to them? Of course it is possible! The Barisieur It was created to unify an alarm and a coffee maker with the intention of making any awakening more pleasant and happy.

6. Digital gluten detector

More and more people are intolerant to gluten, but thanks to Nima this is no longer a problem. Its technology works as follows: a small portion of food is entered and it returns a result, through which, the consumer confirms whether or not he can consume it with complete peace of mind.

7. Bicycle with integrated backpack

Various cities have launched initiatives that promote sustainable mobility, but what is the best alternative? The BikePack thought of this through its bicycle with an integrated backpack so that long journeys can be made. This backpack is removable and can also be used by those adventurous people who like to spend several days in nature.

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8. Toaster that cleans your smartphone

This idea was created under the concept of a toaster, only instead of introducing a slice of bread, a cell phone is introduced. toast It is a product that, through UV light systems, is responsible for cleaning and disinfecting any mobile device. And as in other cases, this is not all. Also, while it carries out its cleaning process, it also charges it!

9. Medications at home

Yes, it is known to all that there are applications that also do this. However, with drobo no human is exposed.

This little robot has been a great help throughout the COVID-19 pandemic since it also has a system that allows you to monitor patients and notify doctors about their progress.

10. Bed organizer

But it’s not just any tool! This organizer has specific compartments that facilitate leisure activities. Thanks to Couch Console you can eat, drink your coffee or play your favorite video game without worries.

11. Smart muzzle

Do you want to take care of the safety of your environment without your dog losing freedom? Joyda is the best alternative by offering a lightweight muzzle that features a sensor that activates when your pet’s heart rate rises, creating a fit in it. Y there is no concern because it returns to its natural state as soon as the heart rate returns to normal.

12. Shoes for the office

Because formality should not be fought with comfort. and that he knows well business sneakers by offering a mix between casual shoe and tennis. They are also anti-odour, resistant, versatile and, of course, elegant.

13. Beds for homeless dogs

Dog Goes Here is an initiative that seeks to provide a bed to those canines that do not have a home or have not yet been rescued by a shelter. These sustainable beds cost five times less than conventional alternatives because they are made from cardboard.

14. Ice Cream That Doesn’t Melt

There is no longer a need to run for a napkin or stain the car. gastronaut designed the first non-melting ice cream. And, as if that were not enough, the ice creams are organic, handmade and even include one with Mexican chocolate.

15. Drink with ice included

What!? Yes, you read right. It is only necessary to shake this drink for some ice to appear. Kukki It has a process that you must follow for the magic to happen, but it is still an extremely impressive and innovative product.

Innovative products…

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