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In the seventh class of the Instagram course we will see a battery of tools that can help us in our day-to-day management of different accounts.

We started with a tool that, despite being paid, has become a very powerful option, since it allows us to schedule content (also in stories), a statistical summary of content, and a statistical summary of the audience. Let’s go there!

The second shift is for a tool that represents a possible alternative within the statistical aspect.

Since they not only provide us with the data we need to analyze the performance of our account, but also allow us to download them in PDF and PPT formats, a very important added value when we always work with reports. Let us begin!

And now it’s the turn of the free Apps. In this case we will see a couple of them, which can help us a lot when it comes to analyzing our audience and editing our content respectively.

Their ease of use and simplicity make them essential tools for any Community Manager. Let’s go there!

And finally, a very original option, and the latest news from Facebook. And it is that the great social network finally incorporates Instagram into this application, from which we can manage and monitor our own Instagram accounts. Let’s see it!

As you can see, five tools with which we can greatly improve our day-to-day management of the Instagram account, especially if we have several accounts to manage, or if we are dedicated to community management, in which case they are almost essential.

On this occasion we recommend you try them all, since even the paid ones have a trial period, to compare them and see which one best suits your project, team, and day to day.

And again, remember that if you have any questions about your advertising campaigns, you can contact us in the support section. We want you to get the most out of it!

Remember that if you will have access to everybody the courses and you can also enjoy everything from .

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