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Within platforms that at first seem as huge as Amazon, it can be easy to get lost and not find the perfect niche for you. That is why from Marketing4eCommerce Academy we have prepared this thursday 30 a PRO session by Helium10, one of the main tools to carry out market research on Amazon and other marketplaces, and take advantage of all the potential they offer us.

In addition, our alliance with Helium10 does not end here, but by using them you can obtain a 50% discount on your first month or one of 10% each month and start making use of this solution. Quite a bargain, right? 😉

PRO session with Adriana Rangel

Helium10 brand ambassador, will be in charge of speaking to us this Thursday 30 at 7:00 p.m. about this solution and about how to find your winning product to sell on marketplaces analyzing the volume of searches and the interest on the products.

This tool developed from the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) can offer you specialized assistance on such relevant issues such as: , product research, fraud protection, refunds, inventory management, and competitor tracking.

Likewise, the session will be moderated by Adrian AiraAcademy Project Leader of Marketing4eCommerce Academy, and it will be recorded so that you can access it as many times as you need.

How to attend the session

These sessions will only be available to pro members of the community, that is, for those who are subscribed to the community or to the Academy Program.

If you are not yet part of it, you can join the from €12 per month, or the , which includes all the benefits of the previous one, from €39.99 per month.

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