Lidl already offers up to the weather for less than 20 euros: this is its radio weather station

Always on the lookout for the most exotic and groundbreaking products, Lidl has opted this time to raise temperatures. Fully in the summer and although clear days are normal, the German chain has for sale that provides various data, as if it were the State Meteorological Agency (Amet).

The frequent use of mobile phones and the various applications they have have made it increasingly rare to see a thermometer at home or a system that provides weather information. However, Lidl wanted to dare to put a revolutionary weather station on its online shelves that helps to know what the weather is like outside as well as what the weather conditions are.

Desktop or wall mounted, so it can be located where it best fits in each home, this radio weather station has an outdoor sensor and indication of indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. In other words, it provides information from both inside and outside the house, without the need for it to be exposed to bad weather conditions thanks to its 100-meter range.

Warns of frost, in winter, and recommends barbecues, in summer

With frost warning, so it can be very useful in cold seasons, it also indicates the times of sunrise, sunset and moon phases. In addition, it provides atmospheric pressure information with a 12-hour history, it has automatic date and time adjustment so that it does not have to be changed during summer time, and an alarm clock function with two alarms.

In addition, facing these hot months, the Lidl weather station also provides clear symbols of the weather (a sun, a cloud with rain), as well as the prediction with recommendation of when you can have a barbecue (an animated barbecue comes out with flames).

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Price and how to buy it

Weighing only 251 grams and with dimensions of 13 x 13 x 2.8 centimeters, so it can be easily moved, the station works with batteries that are included. All at a price of 17.99 euros for a purchase that, for now, . In other words, it entails standard shipping costs of 3.99 euros but with the guarantee offered by Seur a Lidl of a shipment between 24 and 72 working hours.

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