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for an undisclosed priceLinkedIn sells Slideshare, the platform for uploading and sharing slideshows. After having acquired this company 8 years ago, LinkedIn has now decided to get rid of the network that has 40 million content authors.

LinkedIn sells Slideshare

According to LinkedIn statements, Scribd will take over Slideshare’s business operations from September 24, 2020. CEO of Scribd assured that both companies have very similar roots: both were launched between 2006 and 2007, while both focus on sharing content and documents in a professional way.

The two products always had similar missions”Adler commented. “The difference was that Slideshare focused more on PowerPoint presentations and business users, while we focus more on PDF and Word documents, as well as long-form written content, more on the general consumer.”

However, over time the companies became even more divided: Slideshare was in 2012 and around 2016 LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Scribd launched a subscription service in the style of Netflix but oriented towards eBooks and audiobooks. However, Adler assured that both “the user-generated side” and its “premium” side remain just as important to your business.

We get people who come looking for documents and then sign up for our premium content.” the manager pointed out. “But they also continue to read documents on the platform.”

40 million submissions and over 100 million monthly unique visitors

Adler saw an opportunity to dramatically expand its online document sharing area by incorporating the vast library of content from Slideshare with more than 40 million presentations, not to mention its audience of 100 million monthly unique visitors.

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According to Adler, the agreement is essentially about “leverage the content and the audience” of Slideshare, though he noted that there may be aspects of the service’s technology that Scribd could incorporate as well.

After closing the deal, the current Scribd team will assume responsibility for the operation of the platform.

Slideshare will continue to operate as an independent service, separate from Scribd, in addition to the company expect it to continue to be as well integrated with LinkedIn as it is now.

“Nothing will change in the coming months”Adler assured. “We have a lot of experience with a product like this, both on the technology side and with users uploading content. We are in a good position to make Slideshare really successful.”

For its part, Chris PruettLinkedIn’s vice president of engineering, highlighted in a statement the work the company has done on Slideshare since its acquisition in May 2012.

The content and activity of users on Slideshare will remain unchanged, and users will be able to opt out of sharing their content with Scribd, however they will need to remove it from the platform by September 24.

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