Luxury mansions for sale for more than 50 million dollars

Television reality shows about luxury properties and mansions for sale at exorbitant prices have made us wonder if these types of homes really have a market. If we look at what we see in these television programs, the reality is that there is an imposing market niche in which these extravagances have a place. In fact, throughout the United States we can find countless mansions for sale for a price greater than 50 million dollars.

5 ultra-luxury and extra-expensive mansions

1. Los Angeles: $250 million

They say that this house in Los Angeles is the most expensive house currently for sale in the United States. Its price is, nothing more and nothing less, than 250 million dollars. But the most curious thing is that, in addition to the house of more than 3,500 square meters and all kinds of amenities, the owners have included a complete fleet of luxury vehicles, valued at 30 million dollars.

2. Palm Beach: $137 million

For 137 million dollars you can become the new owner of the famous house Il Palmetto. It is a Renaissance-style construction, dating from 1930 and has a great history behind it. The house also houses a private tunnel that leads from the main house to the guest house on the beach. With a total of 5,500 square meters, it is one of the most imposing mansions in the area.

3. Los Angeles: $85 million

Bel Air once again becomes the paradise of luxury mansions. This time the sale of this “French castle” is expected to reach 85 million dollars. It has almost 5,000 square meters, with 10 bedrooms and a total of 14 bathrooms. A luxury that very few can have today. The house was sold 6 years ago for 50 million dollars, so the profitability of the business will be round.

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4. New York: $68 million

Fifth Avenue in New York is one of the most sought-after streets where you can buy luxury homes. It’s not a mansion proper, but it comes pretty close. It is a 68 million dollar house, which occupies the 22nd, 23rd and 24th floors of an emblematic Manhattan building. In total there are almost 1,000 square meters of living space and just over 500 square meters of outdoor space.

5. Pebble Beach: $50 million

This luxury mansion in California is looking for an owner who is capable of paying the 50 million dollars of price that they have set for it. It is located in front of the sea and its views are one of its main attractions. The house has five rooms and more than 1,100 square meters.

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