Map with Fortnite fire rings (week 4, season 5)

You already know that At we love to give you a hand in everything we can. We have already told you where the birthday cakes or the clay pigeon shooting machines are. Since this never stops, today we bring you the map with the fire rings of Fortnite so you can complete this week’s challenge.

Like every Thursday Epic Games gave us a lot of challenges that if we pass we gain levels in the battle pass. If you want to take a look at . One of them consists of Pass by car or shopping cart through several rings of fire. It’s pretty cool, really, but it’s a bit annoying to be out there looking for them like crazy.

This is the map with the Fortnite fire rings

Again we have to thank the guys from who are the ones who made this map. They are great, we encourage you to take a look at their website as you will find some very interesting things. Either way, the credit is yours.. Here it is.

The challenge asks us to go through 5 rings, As you can see we have 9, so things are sucked. In fact, with a little luck I would dare say that they can be done in a single game. Although the normal thing is to do it in a couple or three. The rings marked 1, 2 and 3 are very close and can be made easily.

Then in the next game you can jump in the desert area and complete the challenge with numbers 7, 8 or 9. Number 6 is perhaps the one you should avoid. Its proximity to Industrias Inodoras makes it a complicated point. You already know that chests must be opened in the factory and That’s packed with people.

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In any case, we believe that this map with the fire rings of Fortnite It can be really useful to you. Lately these people at Epic Games have been forcing us to do really strange things. We spent a lot of hours wandering around the island. But I guess this is also one of the advantages of the game. Long live Fortnite!

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