McDonald’s is already testing its mobile ordering app

In Spain we have seen some interactive panels that allow us to place our order on the premises, but in the US they are already testing a system with which The consumer can order from their mobile at McDonald’ssomething that other similar businesses have already implemented, such as Domino’s Pizza or Starbucks, with greater or lesser success.

Of course, the way in which McDonald’s will use mobile ordering is slightly different from that of its competition, implementing a system in which the consumer will not take cold food.

How the mobile ordering system will work at McDonald’s

We remember that at the moment operational tests are being carried out, more specifically in 29 restaurants in California, to be present in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia and China by the end of the year, as reported to Reuters.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that until now the McDonald’s app is limited to showing the menus, the nearest restaurants and the discount coupons, but when this technology is officially implemented, orders can be ordered and paid directly from the mobile phone.

The system will work through the geolocation of the consumer; Once the customer places and pays for the order, McDonald’s will use the smartphone’s location to locate the person, with the goal that the food will begin to be prepared the moment the user is near the restaurant. This way the food will be fresh from the kitchen and will not cool down while waiting.

A solution for those who don’t have time

This method is ideal for people who have little time, with which they can advance their order at any time and pick it up at the McDonald’s restaurant that is on their way, since the food is also paid via mobile phone.

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In fact, when placing the order, customers can choose the pickup system: at the restaurant counter or at McAuto, for those who travel by vehicle.

It seems that in the US this system of ordering via smartphone is a success and several companies have already put it into practice; In fact, Starbucks was overwhelmed by receiving a large number of orders when it launched the service.

McDonald’s hopes to have mobile ordering ready by the end of the year

Here, on the other hand, it seems that what is most in demand is home delivery, something that its most direct competition, , has already begun to implement.

As we indicated before, McDonald’s plans are to have this new service ready by the end of the year, especially in the US, with some European countries also taking advantage of new technologies. Nothing is said about Spain, but hopefully it won’t take much longer than some of our neighboring countries.

What do you think about the possibility of ordering from your mobile at McDonald’s? Would you use this system instead of the conventional one?

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