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In the media course we are going to see how to appear in them. What are journalists looking for? What to offer them? What good can it do us?

Today it is increasingly difficult to stand out with your project, idea or business, due to the huge number of competitors in all sectors.

One way to stand out and have more presence in the market is to appear in the traditional media: Press, radio and television, both in their more traditional channels and in their online versions, which are becoming more and more powerful.

Throughout 10 lessons, we are going to see with Leticia everything we need to know to prepare a media strategy: We will see what journalists are looking for, how to get their contact, how to have our own section for the media, we will organize our base data, we will create communications, our press room, and we will even see how to create our communication calendar for 12 months.

In short, a very practical course focused on making our project known to all readers, listeners and audiences of the media. To create brand recognition!

Remember that if you will have access to everybody the courses and you can also enjoy everything from .

All chapters in this course:

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