Notice to BBVA customers: these are the commissions that the bank will charge you this June 15

BBVA clients of the Goodbye Commissions Program should already know that the bank has tightened the conditions to avoid paying maintenance fees. The group has been communicating to users its new policy for current accounts and that it will charge a commission of up to 160 euros a year to those who have less relationship with the bank. The entity justifies this strategy in “the economic situation after the health crisis, as well as the evolution of the financial markets”.

How much are the new commissions?

At the end of last year, the bank approved a Maintenance Commission for the account, which began to have a quarterly settlement, that is, a payment every 3 months: on March 15, June 15, September 15 and December 15. december. This commission has three types of rates depending on whether or not the client meets the requirements: 0 euros/quarter, 15 euros/quarter, 40 euros/quarter. In other words, between 45 euros and 120 euros would be paid per year. In addition, in the latter case, maintenance of the debit card should also be added.

Which private clients pay commissions in BBVA

1. They pay 15 euros per quarter: BBVA customers will start paying 45 euros per year if they meet any of the options in the income and payment section:

A. Income: payroll of more than 800 euros, pension or unemployment benefit of more than 300 euros or regular income of more than €800/month

B. Payments: five bill charges in 4 months, seven purchases in 4 months with Credit Card

2. They pay 40 euros per quarter + the maintenance of the debit card: when none of the above requirements are met

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Which private clients do not pay commissions

1. Customers who have a relationship: customers who meet one of the conditions in the income section, payments and who have contracted something with the entity will not pay commissions.

A. Income: salary of more than 800 euros, pension or unemployment benefit of more than 300 euros, regular income of more than 800 euros/month

B. Payments: have five receipt charges in 4 months or seven purchases in 4 months with Credit Card

C. Possession of a product: loan, mortgage, insurance, funds, plans or guaranteed income, active credit card and spend 200 euros in 4 months

2. Other customers: customers who have: financial products equal to or greater than 25,000 euros or who own more than 4,000 BBVA shares do not pay commissions either.

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