Pablo Iglesias leaves politics and resigns from all his positions in Podemos

Pablo Iglesias, founder and leader of Podemos, announced on Tuesday night, after the electoral results for the Madrid Assembly, that he is leaving front-row politics and abandoning all his positions in Podemos. “When you stop being useful, you have to know how to retire,” he assured.

“I am leaving all my positions. I am leaving politics understood as party politics, understood as institutional politics. I will continue to be committed to my country, but I am not going to be a stopper for a renewal of leadership that has to take place in our political force,” he said. asserted.

Iglesias justifies his departure in that he does not want to be a stopper for his party: “I think I do not contribute to adding. I think I am not a political figure who can contribute to our political force consolidating its institutional weight in the coming years, that we can win in the Community of Madrid or in the City Council within two years”.

For this reason, he has announced his resignation from all positions in the party, since he currently did not hold any public office after his resignation as Vice President of the Government of Spain.

In this way, Iglesias will not assume the seat that would correspond to him as head of his party’s list in Madrid, and the leadership will once again be in the hands of Isa Serra. At the national level, he has mentioned Vice President Yolanda Díaz as the one who will govern the party’s destinies for the time being: “She may be the next President of the Government.”

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In this sense, he has called for the new leadership of the party to comply with “the feminization of our political proposal.” “I am completely convinced that the new faces in our political space are going to be female faces,” she said.

Iglesias subsequently alluded to what his party has achieved in these seven years and stated that he is “extremely proud of having led a political party that changed the history of our country, that ended with bipartisanship, that ended with 80 years of exclusion of our ideas from the Council of Ministers of our country”.

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His party, presented in these elections under the Podemos-IU candidacy, has won three seats to a total of 10 and more than 70,000 votes with respect to its 2019 results, but still remains 14 seats away from the others. two parties of the left, with 24 seats at 99% counted. It thus ranks as the fifth and last party represented in the Madrid Assembly.

Iglesias has pointed out that “the electoral consolidation of the extreme right is a tragedy” and predicts that “these results will exacerbate the territorial problems in Spain”. “Madrid has never been so different from the rest of Spain,” she stressed.

Regarding the results of the left, he believes that “we have failed.” “The Socialist Party has lost many seats. More Madrid must be congratulated for its result, although the sum of all the leftists is insufficient, it is a magnificent result and I congratulate its candidate.” She has also pointed out that the result of her party, although better than in previous elections, is “insufficient.”

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In addition, he has shielded part of his exit in the political climate of this Madrid electoral campaign: “We have seen in this campaign an unprecedented increase in aggressiveness, both from the PP and from the extreme right. An unprecedented normalization of fascist speeches in the media, death threats, dehumanization (…) and my absolute awareness of having become a scapegoat that mobilizes the darkest affections (…) most contrary to the foundations of democracy”.

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