Pomegranate, the antioxidant super fruit that could destroy covid-19 cells

From being a source of vitamin C to having antioxidant properties, pomegranate is the trendy super fruit, increasingly known for its benefits. In fact, its list of beneficial properties is endless: rich in vitamins B1, B2, and C; contains iron, manganese, calcium and beta carotene; it is good for intestinal transit and, however, also antidiarrheal; it is hypocaloric and low in sugars, indicated for diabetics; prevents prostate cancer; promotes health during menopause and is a powerful anti-aging detox.

But not only that, according to a study carried out by the Yeditepe University Faculty of Medicine in Istanbul (Turkey), pomegranate can also help cure the coronavirus. In fact, as stated by the professor of phytotherapy, Dr. Erdrem Yesilada, pills containing pomegranate peel extract have the effective ability to destroy coronavirus-infected cells, while healthy cells remain unaffected.

For such an affirmation, a clinical study has been carried out with patients positive for Covid-19 diagnosed in Italy throughout 2020, and in the three days after, a decrease in Covid-19 could be perceived in their bodies by 91 %. In other words, 9 out of 10 coronavirus patients saw the disease decrease thanks to the consumption of pomegranate.

“While the vaccine can protect us by reinforcing the immune system, pills with pomegranate peel extract are a form of protection, hindering the advance of the virus in our body,” say sources from AlchemLife Laboratories, which currently markets Phytorelief® , specially designed to protect the health of the respiratory tract and the immune system. Phytorelief® natural extracts and the latest technology come together for effective protection. It is composed of standardized extracts of TurmericG311, GranadaG331 and GingerG32.

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The pomegranate, a superfood for its nutritional properties

Here is a list of the benefits provided by this Mediterranean fruit:

1. Vitamin C. Introducing this fruit in our diet gives us up to 10% of the recommended vitamin C.

2. High amount of potassium. It gives us up to 8% of the recommended amount in women and men between 20 and 39 years old who practice sports. In other words, it is a good product to improve sports performance.

3. Low energy content. Every 100 grams is only 34 calories. It is a good complement to add flavor to green or legume salads.

4. High content of antioxidants. It helps reduce chronic inflammation and may be beneficial for conditions like diabetes. In its shell you can find very powerful antioxidants that are later used for food supplements.

5. Powerful anti-aging detox.

Alchem ​​Life Laboratories

Experts in combining traditional phytotherapy with pharmaceutical technology. Founded in 1935, Alchem ​​International has been producing plant-derived actives for more than 75 years for 35 countries, paying particular attention to high-level quality standards.

They are pioneers in the creation of phytoceuticals thanks to the PhytoAdvance® system, which allows them to guarantee the optimal benefit of each active ingredient, since they control the selection of the plant variety, planting, obtaining the maximum purity extract and manufacturing. of phytoceuticals until they reach the hands of consumers.

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