Putin threatens to leave Europe with nothing if gas is found: neither oil, refined or fuel

Vladimir Putin has threatened Europe with cutting off all energy supplies if the 27 approve the cap on the price of Russian gas. The president of the Eurasian country has assured that “they will not supply anything” in case it goes against their economic interests: neither gas, nor oil, nor coal, nor fuels. Any.

The Minister of Energy of the group this Friday to discuss what further measures to take in the face of the energy crisis and, among the proposals that have transpired, is the possibility of putting a cap on the price of Russian gas. This Wednesday, during the VII Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Putin has referred to this issue, saying that, if it occurs, Gazprom will cut the contracts it has with Europe.

The Russian president has also described the European measure as “stupid”, since he maintains that setting a price limit will only affect those who do so with price increases, as detailed by the Bloomberg agency. In addition, Putin has warned that the Europeans are not in a position to carry out this proposal.

Russia blames the old continent for having ten times more for Gazprom’s gas, since, according to the Russian leader, they were offered long-term contracts, but chose to buy in cash. For that reason, Putin points out that the European Union has cornered itself.

On the other hand, he does not see problems in losing Europe as a client, since he considers that the demand for hydrocarbons is very high and that it could be redirected to other buying countries.

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Putin’s latest threat to cut off all energy supply coincides with the indefinite closure of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline. This pipeline has already been without pumping and there is no forecast of when the flow could resume.

Von der Leyen asks to bump the gas

Putin continues to allege technical problems in the Siemens turbine and accuses Germany of not returning the last repaired part. His message is contradictory, as the Russian leader has said he is willing to send more gas from tomorrow if it were up to him. These statements also contrast with the words of the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, who linked the supply to Europe with the .

The European energy ministers will decide this week which measures are finally put in place. This Wednesday, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has presented the energy initiatives to the community governments and has maintained her request for Russian gas.

The Czech Republic, which has the rotating presidency and will host the meeting, has asked to leave the Russian fuel cap out of the debate on Friday, according to Reuters, considering that it is a counterproductive measure that does not serve to solve the energy crisis.

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