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Catalog Diversity


Low shipping costs

Short delivery times


Aromas Perfumerías has a careful eCommerce, in which the low amount required to access the free shipping costs is its greatest attraction


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aromas is a chain of perfumeries of Andalusian origin that has been cheering up the pituitaries (and epidermis) of a large number of Spaniards for more than 50 years with its extensive catalog of a large selection of the main brands in the sector. Currently, Aromas has 116 physical points of sale distributed throughout Madrid, Extremadura and Andalusia, as well as a careful online store from which to reach the rest of the Peninsula. Today we take a closer look at the eCommerce of Perfumery Aromas

Perfumery Scents: An eCommerce with (almost) free shipping

As you may have already seen on these same pages, free shipping is a crucial factor to ensure the success of an eCommerce. It is clear that you have understood and, despite the fact that your home deliveries (delay of 24 hours) have an associated cost of €5.95in reality, most of your customers’ purchases will be exempt from paying it. The reason: Aromas Perfumerías establishes a really low level of free shipping (30 euros), which will be exceeded in most purchases. That yes, if the client will have to face these same expenses in the case of needing to request a return

In any case, and despite having the quasi-free of shipments as an important incentive, in the shipment policy of Aromas Perfumerías is missing the possibility of resorting to a greater variety of collection methods (delivery points, store collection) that can better adapt to the conditions of any client.

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Other relevant aspects

  • Despite the fact that the cosmetics and perfumery sector lives, to a large extent, on image, in certain aspects, the design of the eCommerce of Aromas Perfumerías could be improved. As in its product sheets, somewhat bland and in which the descriptions suffocate the space dedicated to the article itself
  • Aromas Perfumerías manages the location of the products in its catalog well, with multiple filters and sorting systems that are complemented with the use of your general search engine
  • The accepted means of payment are card, PayPal and cash on deliveryall of them without additional costs
  • Customer service is managed through , eMail and a 900 telephone, through which orders can also be placed

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